100-Word Challenge, Day 176-177

Shadow Profile
Shadow Profile (Photo credit: Walt Stoneburner)

Evan drank his water and ate his sandwich while he casually used his mind to swat the blanket that hung from the edge of his bed. He hated the boredom of being confined and imagined his life had become much like that of one of the lost souls locked away in one of the penal colonies. Of course he was free to leave if he wanted, but his prospects outside of the building were dim at best. Captured and tortured by either Darkside Security, Marcus or the Lunar government was the most likely scenario, but Evan was sure there were other waiting in the wing to the same or worse.

Aldric had plenty of enemies, all of them well earned in Evan’s mind, and they had all been looking for away into Darkside. Somehow, Aldric always managed to ferret out the potential infiltrators sent by his enemies. It was as if he could smell the betrayal on their breaths. How Evan had made it so far into Aldric’s confidences was anyone’s guess. From the moment he had applied Evan knew that he would eventually be stealing some bit of research that he could use to pay off his debts. He wasn’t proud of it, but he had managed to accumulate some pretty serious debts with some very bad people. Marcus was one of them, and probably the most publicly unsavory, but at least he was honest about who and what he was. It was the men in suits and uniforms that were the scariest sharks out there.


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