100-Word Challenge, Day 178-179

English: Cycle of Research and Development, fr...
English: Cycle of Research and Development, from “Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE), Program Solicitation NSF 09-601” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps Jacob Dewitt was his ticket back to civilization and his work. The breakthrough on the dimensional collapse project had given him some new ideas on his secret side project. Evan knew he could finish it in a matter of days if he could work on it, but nothing he could access outside of Darkside would have enough power, and the right equipment, to do anything beyond mathematical speculation.


There was a time when such grand laboratories were beyond his reach, but he was used to their convenience now and it was hard to imagine going back to the small Research and Development labs of his college years. He enjoyed the freedom of those days, but the financial restrictions were stifling at best and often led to the death of promising lines of research due to a severe lack of funding. Men in power hold the purse strings and only open the coffers when their needs required something new, something only scientists could provide.

“Damn leaches,” Evan muttered as he took a drink to wash down the last of his sandwich. “Someday they’ll be begging for my help.” He stood and walked across the room. “I just needed a little more time.”

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