100-Word Challenge, Day 185-186

Hotel room - Bangkok
Hotel room – Bangkok (Photo credit: vodkamax)

“Last chance to stop me,” Evan said as he zipped up the duffle and slung it over his shoulder. He waited, cocked his head toward the door to listen for the sound of combat boot wearing feet running down the hall, but all he heard was the constant whirring of the apartment’s air recycler desperately trying to keep the stale air of his apartment as breathable as possible. With a shrug, Evan opened the door and headed down the hall. A quick stop at the office to check out and write a message for Jacob Dewitt, and he was on his way.

Part of Evan’s moving day ritual was to find his next location before he had finished unpacking, so he already knew where he was going. It was a seedy little hotel that had rooms that could be rented by the day or the hour. His room would be half the size of his last one, but the shielding was solid and the residents were not the kind to pry into one another’s affairs. It made for a great hiding place, but if something happened and he needed help, there would be no assistance. Ever since college he had been on his own, and was comfortable with the solitude, but the sort of isolation he was looking at was unsettling.


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