100-Word Challenge, Day 187-188

English: The Apollo 14 Lunar Module (LM) "...
English: The Apollo 14 Lunar Module (LM) “Antares” is photographed against a brilliant sun glare during the first extravehicular activity (EVA-1). A bright trail left in the lunar soil by the two-wheeled Modularized Equipment Transporter (MET) leads from the LM. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hover-shuttle arrived and docked with the apartment complex’s air lock. The loud metallic clang of the operation made Evan wince and reminded him that the poor choice in affordable, anonymous, housing also meant less maintenance and a greater risk of accidental injury or death. He had taken for granted the countless amenities that came with working for the wealthiest man on the moon, but he swore to be more aware of it all once he returned to his rightful position.

The airlock slid open and a handful of people shuffled into the lobby. Most of them were covered with fine particles of lunar soil that marked them as mine workers. Deep underground in a pressurized tunnel was the only real place to make direct contact with what passed for soil on the moon. Large pulse-laser drills hammered the rock into little more than dust was left in its wake as the miners searched for the rare metals and other elements that were scattered beneath the cold lunar surface.

Evan watched them walk by and could not keep the sadness from his eyes. He never really thought about the people who worked in the mines or performed the multitude of other back breaking tasks that allowed the moon to be sustainable. They were so far removed from his daily life that they may as well have been the air he breathed. It is necessary for survival, but he never really thought of it.


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