100-Word Challenge, Day 189-191

Broken Window Fallacy
Broken Window Fallacy (Photo credit: KAZVorpal)

The faint buzzing sound in his ears was the only warning Evan had. Something struck the subconsciously constructed shield of air around him with enough force to send him flying back through the lobby. Miners were sent flying as he shot past, but they were given only an instant to recognize that they had been hit before one of the windows shattered and the sudden decompression sent them shooting across the grey surface of the moon one by one. They all would have died from the decompression if not for the way they bounced through the window and across the ground, smashing into the boulders that dotted the landscape.

The handful of people from the bus may have been all that died, but the reinforced titanium meteor shields, designed to close immediately upon catastrophic decompression, failed. A simple oversight by the maintenance staff of the apartment complex had left the guide tracks for the shields unlubricated, so when it tried to slide shut they caught on the guides, shattered and punched a hole through the control housing, locking the remaining shields of the lobby in place. As the last of the air escaped through the broken window, the few people in the lobby that had managed to find a way to hold on, quickly lost consciousness as their bodies were wracked with pain and the brains were deprived of oxygen.

The driver of the shuttle watched in horror as the bodies shot past his windscreen and he panicked. Ignoring the light on his heads up display that indicated a solid lock with the complex’s air lock, he punched the thrusters and pulled away hard on his steering column. The shuttle shook in protest until the lobby’s airlock gave way and was wrenched free from the building. The shuttle, suddenly free from the building, rose up from the ground, but the additional weight of the broken airlock left it unbalanced and the driver overcompensated, sending the shuttle smashing into the ground just past the line of dead bodies that littered the ground.


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