100-Word Challenge, Day 196-198


Aldric Dewitt sat in his hospital bed browsing the screen of his data slate, reading a report that confirmed what he had known for months. Energy production was increasing at a rate faster than demand. His Void Generators had grown efficient enough to supply all of the moon with free power, but the population growth on the moon had stagnated and the lunar industries had purchased most, if not all, of the upgrades his company had offered. In his short time on Terra’s only natural satellite, Aldric had made the moon the most energy efficient habitat in the solar system. For anyone else the prospect of out producing demand would have been a cause for panic or drastic reorganization, but Aldric had a plan.

It came to him in a dream while he slept for the weeks following the event in the lab. Voices chattered away inside his mind, each vying for his attention, but there were only three that held any sway. They formed a sort of council in his thoughts and their word was law amongst the multitudes that now called his mind home. He suspected that he should fear what had happened to him, but Aldric was never one to ignore the potential of a dangerous situation. The voices knew that their advice was best received when Aldric slept or was alone with his thoughts. He could have awoken from his coma at any time, but he spent the down time to learn the ways of his new guests and how best to use them.

With the Dimension Generator project in ruins, Aldric and his council decided that turning the excess energy his company produced toward a new project would be far more fruitful. It wouldn’t allow him to travel to the other planets, but his guests assured him that once the project was complete there would be access to power beyond his wildest imagination. It almost sounded too good to be true, but Aldric could find no reason to doubt his advisors. They were trapped within him, so their fortunes were tied together. If they turned on him, well, it would be their own throat they cut.


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