100-Word Challenge, Day 202-205

Sheep (Photo credit: James Good)

“Sheep,” Isaac said. He was Aldric’s chief of security, and as such he was privy to a lot of damning information, but he had his own unsavory proclivities and working for Darkside allowed him to pursue his baser desires without fear of reprisal. He had the power to make or break people and Aldric gave him free reign to do so as long as it did not interfere with his boss’s scheming.

“Too right, Isaac.” Aldric took another drink of water. They were all sheep, even Isaac, and he was the biggest wolf in the solar system. “But all sheep need a shepherd, whether they know it or not, and I am that shepherd.” With a flick of a switch the shielding that covered his room’s windows slid aside and revealed a long open stretch of lunar surface. “What do you see out there Isaac?”

Isaac stepped closer to the glass and peered about, searching for whatever minutia his boss expected him to find, but nothing stood out. “Just some rocks and dust.”

“Exactly,” Aldric said. “Rocks and dust for miles around. It is wasted space and the moon is littered with it. In order to take full advantage of all this space we need to get more people here.” Aldric looked at Isaac and asked, “Where are you from, Isaac?”

“Tokyo, sir.”

“Tokyo.” Aldric smiled. “A fine Terran metropolis. It is absolutely filled with people, thirty-million at last census I believe, and almost every one of them would sell off their closest cousin for a chance to live somewhere else.” Isaac shuffled his feet and continued to stare out the window rather than look at his boss. “Here on the moon there is more than enough open space, but we cannot get people to stay here. Free power has helped, but it is not enough.” Aldric rubbed the stubble on his chin before he asked, “Tell me, Isaac, do you know anyone born on the moon?”

“I can’t say that I do, sir,” Isaac said.

“I can think of only two, and I have lived here since I was a teenager. I have looked into the matter and I can tell you it is not because the mortality rate amongst infants is high. No, the problem is that most people who live here do not see the moon as a permanent residence.” Aldric spread his arms wide and said, “We are a way station, a place where people come while looking for something better, but we should be the destination, and I am going to make that happen.”


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