100-Word Challenge, Day 206-208

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

“No offense, sir,” Isaac said as he turned from the window, “but how can you get people to leave the earth for here? It may be crowded and dangerous in the cities, but you can still breathe the air and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Even the most relaxing bio-domes here feel…fake.”

“True,” Aldric said, “but if we can make it easier to travel between here and there we might just make it more tempting for people to stay on the moon. Think about it; if you could live here, away from the crowds and the pollution and you knew that you could easily make the trip from here back to the mother planet and its remaining nature preserves, why wouldn’t you want to stay? People will come, they will live here, and they will grow families and going home will be a fond memory.” Aldric leaned back in his hospital bed and smiled. “It is an old story, Isaac. People leave home in search of a better life thinking they will go home some day, but they never do. Life gets in the way before they even suspect that it is a possibility.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Isaac considered his boss’s words and realized his life was heading down that very same hole. How long had it been since he had breathed in air not filtered through a high tech recirculator? He always intended to go back to terra to visit his sister, but there always seemed to be some reason he needed to stay on the moon for just a little longer. He promised himself that he would go after the crisis had passed, but he knew deep inside it was little more than a lie he told himself to make it easier to sleep at night.



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