100-Word Challenge, Day 209-211

“Probably a good call,” Aldric said. “Tell me, Isaac, have the repairs been completed in the lab?”

“All of the structural work is done, but none of the major equipment has been replaced as yet.”

“Good. I should be out of this place tomorrow evening and I have a few security changes I want made before then.” Aldric tapped away at his data slate, then set it back on the night stand beside his bed. “The specifications are on your slate. See to it that everything is in place by midnight tomorrow night. I am going to be very busy with this new project and I don’t want any delays.”

“Yes, sir,” Isaac said before turning to leave. He was at the door when he remembered the other bit of news he had brought with him. “I almost forgot; Doctor Vo woke up an hour ago, but she is not talking to anyone.”

Aldric slowly turned his head and stared somewhere past his head of security. “Once the doctor’s declare her physically fit you are to have removed from the premises, no matter her mental state.”

“Are you sure?” Isaac asked. “You two were a thing weren’t you?”

“Were is the right word.” Aldric picked up his data slate once more and started tapping the screen. “I have no time for fickle women and traitors. She lives because of what we had, and that will be the only courtesy she receives from me.”

Isaac turned from his boss and hit the button that opened the door. Once the door closed behind him, Isaac ignored the angry screams until he was far enough down the hall to not hear them any longer. He pulled up the schematics and security changes Aldric had asked for and scratched his head as he left the private wing of the medical center. Why would he need guns on the inside of the lab?



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