100-Word Challenge, Day 212-214


Red mist clouded Evan’s vision. Where had it come from? Was there a problem with the air filter? Was it some sort of spore? Where was he? Evan closed his eyes, but the red mist remained. “It’s me,” the thought. “There is something wrong with me.” He tried to remember what happened, but everything went blank after he heard the now familiar loud hum of his new ability kicking in. Evan opened his eyes once more and tried to peer past the crimson haze that obscured his eyesight.

The fog parted as the seconds passed until it was little more than and pink tint on everything he saw, and that was not all that much. The room was unadorned except for the lumpy mat he was lying on and a low gravity toilet in the corner. Bright fluorescent lights sat behind metal cages imbedded in the ceiling. “Shit,” Evan said aloud, though he barely recognized his own voice.

“I’m glad you’re awake, Doctor Murray,” said an electronically distorted voice from somewhere in the room. “I was beginning to think that all of the time and effort we put into bringing you here would be for nothing.”

“Where am I?” Evan asked as he tried to sit up, but the throbbing pain in his head and the persistent ache he felt everywhere else convinced him that remaining supine was the right choice.

“You’ll have to forgive me for not letting you in on that secret just yet,” the voice said. “There are a lot of people who would give much to find us and I don’t know if we can trust you yet.”

“So I am a prisoner?” Evan almost felt relief at the possibility. Being on the run was a life he was uncomfortable with, and while he did not think that being a prisoner would be much better, the stability would be nice at least.


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