100-Word Challenge, Day 220-222

Titan silo: Environmental suits
Titan silo: Environmental suits (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

Evan’s visitor was covered in a bulky, patched together environmental suit, the sort used in biological research labs, but it hung loosely upon the person inside so it was impossible to tell anything about his guest. The face plate was dark and did not offer any further details about the person inside even as he picked up the tray and carried it closer to Evan. He shuffled across the room, barely able to lift his feet in the bulky suit, and the whisking sound of it made Evan cringe.

“Thank you,” Evan said as the tray was set on the floor beside him. He reached out to take the bottle of water and his jailer fell backwards and scurried away from him like a startled crab. “Wait! I won’t hurt you! I just…” Evan’s words trailed off as his visitor scrambled to his feet, bolted out the door and shut it behind him. Heavy mechanical locks slammed into place somewhere on the other side of the wall and the echo of their action was a bitter emphasis on exactly what Evan’s situation was.

Alone, held by someone he didn’t know; someone who feared him and worried about him enough to use environmental suits and locks that had to be nearly one-hundred years old. What were they afraid of? He was weak enough that there was little he could have done beyond breathing heavy at them. Perhaps that was it. Maybe he had contracted a disease and they were keeping him quarantined. No, if that had been the case he would have been in a secured quarantine ward with copious amounts of plastic sheeting, a detestable antibiotic smell and stern looking nurse asking him all sorts of questions. No, this was something different and he did not like it one bit.


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