100-Word Challenge, Day 226-229

Thomas licked his lips and took a deep breath before he said, “But we passed the turn for your home a while ago.”

“My, but aren’t you a clever one,” Margaret said as she stretched out. Her arms were above her head and pointing toward the rear window, her back arched and her feet ended up beside the security guard’s legs. “Mmm, excuse me, but it feels like I’ve been sleeping for days.” She sat up and winked at him. “I guess I have been,” she said with a smile. “Why don’t you come over here and sit beside me.”

Life on the moon had been hard for Thomas. He was paid well enough for working security, but there was not much time for entertainment outside of the occasional trip to the bar with his roommate. There were women on the moon, but men were in the majority with a three to one ratio, so there really was not much of a dating seen on Luna. Being alone in the limo with Doctor Vo was a surprising twist on an otherwise dull day for Thomas, so he decided to make it a day he would never forget and quickly switched sides so that he was sitting beside her.

“That’s better,” she said as she slid closer to him. She put her hand on his arm and lightly squeezed his bicep through the fabric of his uniform. “My goodness, Thomas, do you work out?”

“Every day,” he said as he sat up a little straighter.

“Well whatever you’re doing, don’t stop.” Margaret practically purred the last words as she snuggled a little closer. She could feel his heart beating faster as she reached up and pulled his head down so that her lips could reach his ear. “We’re not actually going to my house,” she whispered before she gripped his earlobe between her lips.

“We’re not?” He could hardly believe his luck. He was supposed to give her some cab fare and send her on her way, but she had convinced him that he had been mistaken. After all, she was one of Darkside’s lead researchers and Aldric’s girlfriend, so he must have meant to give her a ride home, right?

“No, silly boy,” she said. “I cannot enact my revenge from that hovel. I need something a little more secure and I know just the place to start.”

“What are you talking about?” Thomas asked. Her hands were on his chest and her breath was in his ear and it was all too distracting. He thought she had said something wrong, but he couldn’t put his thoughts together.


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