100-Word Challenge, Day 230-232

Margaret got up from her seat and straddled Thomas’s lap. She slowly unbuttoned his uniform shirt as she said, “Revenge. I’m going to have my revenge, and you, my dear Thomas, are going to help me.” Before he could speak she kissed him.

Thomas had been kissed before, he had even been kissed by women more beautiful than Doctor Vo, but he could not recall a kiss that’s warmth spread throughout his entire body the way hers did. It was more than simple arousal. The sensation of her spirit filling his body came to mind and it changed his desire to need. Time lost its meeting to him as she removed his shirt and dragged her fingernails over his chest. The pain only enhanced the pleasure of her kiss.

When Thomas put his hands on her hips, Margaret pulled away from him, and sat upright. It was in that moment that Thomas realized that he was in trouble. He looked upon her face and knew fear. Her eyes had gone all white and steam issues from her mouth and lips with each breath she took. He tried to move, to get out from beneath her, but he could not. The sensation of her spirit entering him did not stop and he realized that it was more than just a feeling as he felt his own soul being shoved into a corner of his mind. His screams came out as a gasp as the fight for his life was lost.

“I know you are still in there, Thomas. Don’t try and fight me on this. You have already lost,” Margaret said as she patted his cheek. “I don’t hold anything against you personally, but a girl has to start somewhere.” She looked at the pattern her nails had carved into the security guard’s chest and smiled. “It will fade soon enough, but keep it covered up. We don’t want our secret to come out now do we?”


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