100-Word Challenge, Day 233-234

Thomas could hear and see her, but it was as if she were on the far end of a tunnel with an enormous magnifying glass between them. He could feel the weight of her on his lap, but he was unable to move his arms and push her off.

“Yes, Thomas, I know you’re in there and I know you would like nothing more than to push me around, but you don’t get a say in the matter.” Margaret leaned forward and pressed her body against his. She licked from the tip of his chin to his ear and whispered, “I could fuck you right now, and you would feel every glorious moment of it, but it wouldn’t be you I was screwing. It would just be this big shell of a body that I control. Honestly, it would be more like masturbation than sex.”

Margaret climbed off his lap and sat on the bench beside him. “Clean yourself up,” she said as she pulled a mirror from her purse and checked her makeup. “You are going straight back to Darkside once you drop me off. You’ll forget about this trip and anything we’ve discussed until I want you to remember.”

Thomas’s body responded to her words and set about buttoning his shirt up and making sure that everything was in place while Thomas screamed inside his own head.


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