100-Word Challenge, Day 241-242

Evan rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling. He tried to focus on the cracks in the slick white tiles, but his eyes kept closing with each spasm of pain. Each intake of breath brought a sharp stab of pain that was impossible to ignore, and with each one Evan wondered why his new found ability did not kick in and protect him from the fumes or the assault of his jailer. It had always kicked in when he was in danger, even when he did not know it, but it had sorely let him down in this instance.

“That was very stupid,” a voice said over the intercom.

“Can you blame me?” Evan asked. “I appreciate the hospitality, but I can’t stay here.”

“I suppose I would try to leave if I were in your shoes,” the voice said, “but I would have spent a little more time trying to figure out what was on the other side of that door first. From where I’m sitting it seems like you have been quite content to just lie there.”

Evan closed his eyes and tried to ignore the pain. “I’m sorry,” he said. “This is all very new to me. Until recently I rarely did anything outside of my home or the lab, so planning my escape from a bunch of kidnappers is outside my realm of experience.”


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