100-Word Challenge, Day 246-249


Phillips-head screw

“It’s time to get up.” The too familiar electronic voice said.

Evan rolled away from the door, stuck his arm up and casually extended his middle finger. By his best guess a week had passed since his failed escape attempt. He still received the same boring meals and the occasional interruption from the intercom, but now there were always two people bringing him his meal, and one of them was always armed.

“It was not a request, Doctor.” There was never any irritation in the voice of his interrogator, but Evan could not be sure if it was the person or the distortion that made it that way.

“I don’t care,” Evan said as he lowered his arm. “I get up, I lie down, I walk around the room like some trained monkey for you people, and I am done with it.”

“Now is not the time for defiance, Doctor Murray,” the voice said.

Evan repeated his earlier gesture.

“Very well. I guess we will do this the hard way.” The hum of the microphone clicked off and Evan smiled. He wouldn’t try escaping again, at least not any time soon, but they were reacting to him for a change and that was all he wanted. It was one small step toward regaining his freedom and keeping his sanity.

He may have looked idle to the casual observer, but his greatest asset had always been his mind, and the solitude allowed him to use it to great effect. He had not entirely worked out why his shield had failed him in the hall or immediately after, but his control over his power became more deliberate and precise during his recovery.

The day of his escape attempt he spotted a screw lying in the corner beside his mat. It was a small thing, easily missed by whomever prepared the room, and by Evan when he had searched for some means of escape, but there it was a forgotten fastener from some machine that hadn’t been in the room for some time. At first he had tried to reach out to it with his shield and make it move, but it was like opening an envelope while wearing oven mitts. He spent hours trying to move it out of the corner, focusing his thoughts on pinching it and gently moving it away from the wall. When the little screw hopped an inch closer to Evan he had to bite his lip to keep from shouting out a victory whoop.



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