100-Word Challenge, Day 253-254

It was a supreme act of will that got his excitement under control. He needed to be in control if he was going to escape. Being patient and waiting for the right moment would prevent him from having another catastrophic failure, so he took a deep breath and sat up moments before the door opened.

Instead of his usual keeper and armed guard there were four people in environmental suits that crowded through the door. They were all armed with some sort of firearm, and judging by the tight grips they all had on their weapons, they were extremely nervous. A couple of weeks earlier Evan would have wondered why, but he suspected that someone understood he had some sort of ability and had put the fear of God into the lot of them.

“Get up, asshole,” said the man in the oversized suit. His regular keeper was the only one that seemed relaxed, probably because he had beaten Evan once before, and he pointed the gun at Evan as he stepped forward. “Isis wants you alive, but I…we are allowed to kill you if you cause any trouble.” Evan could picture the little man spitting if it had not been for the bulky helmet he wore. “So do me a favor and resist. I’m tired of being your wet-nurse.”


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