A Snippet from the Sequel to Apocalypse Rising

So I have a new deadline for Apocalypse Rising’s sequel and I’ve made some progress as of late, so I thought I would share a little snippet from the work in progress. So here you have it, and let me know what you think.

Lilith stopped short, laughed, and said, “Very well then, lover.” Lilith growled, tipped back her head and howled at the copper plated ceiling above. The sound echoed through the room and doubled up on itself until it formed an aria of the damned. Her bones broke and shifted in time to the unnatural rhythm of her song. By the time her howls had finished, she had grown as tall as Kohaku. She stood naked before him, a pair of over-sized bat wings sprung from her back and stretched out behind her. Lilith opened her hand before her face, displaying six inch long talons in place of her fingers. She smiled and dragged her forked tongue across the needle like teeth that filled her mouth. “Why wait ’till later?”

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