100-Word Challenge, Day 266-269

English: Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, ...
English: Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, August 2006.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She stood up and walked around the man, letting her fingers trace a line that started on his chest, went over his shoulder and around his neck until it ended on the opposite flabby man breast. “You know, Christopher, that a couple of weeks ago you would have been right. I was a very small fish, but you know what I did? I started gobbling up other fish. Some of them were smaller than me, but it made it easier to consume larger and larger fish.” She stepped around to the front and stood between his legs so that he had to lean back in order to see her face.

“Get to the point.” Something about her made Christopher nervous, and he did not like that one bit.

“Very well, Christopher,” Margaret said as she placed a hand on either side of his head and leaned down as if to kiss him. “I’ve become a bit of a shark myself, and I am still hungry.” Tendrils of solid vapor shot from her mouth and plunged pas his lips and teeth and into his throat. He would have screamed if he could have drawn breath, but he could only sit there and twitch as he felt Margaret push his consciousness aside.

When she finished her work, Margaret stood up and stretched. “I’ve gotten pretty good at this you know? It used to take long and required more subtlety on my part, but now I can pretty well dominate anyone not prepared for it.” She patted Christopher on the head and whispered, “To be perfectly honest, I’m glad I did not have to seduce you.” Margaret returned to her chair behind the desk and said, “Go back to work, Christopher. If anyone asks, you were just scouting me out for a job, but I turned you down flat because I still work for Aldric. I’ll be in touch when I need you, and you will do as you’re told. Do you understand?

“Yes, Doctor Vo,” Christopher said, sounding as if nothing had happened.

“Good, now get out of here and try to look a little indignant while you’re at it.” She pulled out her data slate and pretended to look at it with interest until Christopher was gone and the door shut behind him. She smiled and took a drink of water. Margaret had always had ambitions, but now she was free to pursue them and she would never go back.


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