100 Word Challenge, Day 285-287

This is the latest installment in my 100 Word Challenge.


100 Word Challenge Tentacles

The high pitch whine of the lab’s internal defenses was deafening. Cylinders of solidified light slammed into the tentacles that had broken through the shielding, and something from the other side of the portal screamed in agony. Aldric was unsure which was louder, but he did not care as long as the guns did their job and beat the creature back.

One of the tentacles managed to dodge past the numerous bolts and smashed into the three-inch thick shield of void glass that protected Aldric from the chaos of his lab. The near indestructible material cracked under the assault and web like fissure spread out from the center as the tentacle stuck again and again. Aldric sighed and pushed the one red button on his control console.

An iris of carbon fiber reinforced titanium alloy slammed shut across the surface of the portal, severing the tentacles and initiating the shutdown procedure for the gateway generator. The defenses continued to fire until the tentacles no longer moved, and then the room was left in relative silence, with only the alarm’s irritating warble to remind Aldric that he had failed once more. He shook his head as he hit the intercom to Isaac. “All clear. I’m going in and will signal when I am finished.”

“Very well, sir.” Isaac’s voice sounded exceptionally tinny to Aldric, but he supposed it was because they were still ringing from the blaster fire. “Do you require assistance?”

“No, but I will need a secure cleanup crew before you reset the defense. I’m done with Lab A today,” Aldric said. He looked past the broken glass at the scattered collection of tentacles. “Please have Lab B prepped for biological containment and submission defenses.” The latest invaders were different from the previous. The tentacles were a different color and much more aggressive, so they warranted a little extra precaution.

“Yes, sir. I’ll have Labe B ready in sixty minutes,” Isaac said.

“Very good.”



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