100 Word Challenge Day 290-291

100 Word Challenge: And The Stars Would Curse His NameAldric stepped into the lab and gagged at the stench. He reached into his lab coat pocket, but found that he had forgotten to replace his nasal filters after his last trip into the lab. “Shit. Note to self: refill pockets with nose plugs before next test.” The lab’s computer dutifully made the note in its logs and waited for more commands. “The stink from the white tentacle is different from the last few specimens. It reminds me of…rotten fruit, overcooked cabbage, and rancid meat…with a hint of bacon.” Aldric wrinkled his nose as he took in a deep breath. “Yes, definitely bacon.”

Each piece of severed tentacle was picked up with a long set of tongs and placed in a self-sealing pouch that preserved its contents for future examination. The current experiment was the thirty-seventh of its kind, and the samples would go into storage just like the others. Aldric did not trust any of the lab assistants to handle the other-dimensional organics. He wasn’t ready to answer any questions that might come up and he didn’t want to kill them. The time was coming when he would let all of humanity in on what he had discovered, and the stars would curse his name.

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