100 Word Challenge, Day 293-294

100 Word Challenge“Yes, sir,” Isaac said before putting his hand over the mic and breathing out loudly. “She is at the visitor’s entrance under surveillance and concealed guard.” Isaac took another deep breath and said, “She asked to see you and wouldn’t tell anyone else what is was in regards to.”

“Interesting,” Aldric said. He wanted to scratch his chin, but the protective suit prevented that. “Did she come alone?”

“She had a driver, but he is still in the hover-car, connected to the airlock.” Isaac could see the vehicle on one of his monitors, but the driver was little more than a shadow from the angle he was viewing from. He made a mental note to add another camera at a lower position for just such occasions.

“Good. Keep him there,” Aldric said. “Whatever you do, do not let him take that care into one of the hangars. I don’t trust her or anyone with her.” Aldric laughed and said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and all that.” He looked around the room and grimaced. There were still bits of tentacle scattered about and he had not even finished his initial search of the room. “Damn. Okay, Isaac, mover her to a secure room and keep her under guard. I have to finish cleaning up in here, then I will come see her.”

“Yes, sir,” Isaac said. “Anything else?”

“Yeah,” Aldric said as he placed another specimen in its container, “have a security vest sent down here before I finish.”



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