Beyond the Darkside, 29-5 and 6

Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He stumbled into his bathroom and stared at the mirror. He looked like hell with his bloodshot eyes, the spattered blood covering his face and hands, and the caked and matted hair plastered to his skull. Thankfully, he managed to get his shirt off as soon as he got to his room. It was a wretched stinking mess of blood and viscera. He did not want to see it in the mirror any more than he wanted to spell the stink of it.


The shower attached to his office was a luxury few could afford. The cost of importing was still high despite the progress in lunar self-sufficiency that he championed. Soon it would no longer matter. All of earth’s resources would be at his fingertips and people would pay whatever he asked to bring it to the moon. The project would pay for itself in a matter of months. Of course that assumed that he did what he told his shareholders.


The truth was far more ruthless. Why aim for being the master of the moon when he could conquer Terra and the rest of the solar system along with it. His ambitions were never so lofty before, but his near death experience left him realizing he could so much more. Why waste his time and efforts giving other a chance to be more when he could give them a new sense of direction. He would give them a purpose that they never knew they needed and in time they would see him as God amongst men.



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