Beyond the Darkside: 30-1 to 4


Beyond the Darkside

The tunnel’s dark interior was slick with moisture. Phosphorescent algae ringed the hatch that led into the warehouse. That there was water beneath the structure meant that it was old, so old that no one had bothered to retrofit it with proper seals.

“This can’t be right,” Evan said as he ran his fingers down the wall. “We’re too deep. There shouldn’t be water.”

“Shouldn’t be doesn’t mean there isn’t,” said Hanse.

“But the warehouse can’t still be in use. It is abandoned,” Evan said.

Hanse laughed and pointed up at the hatch. “You’ve been living the good life for too long, my friend. There’s lots of places that should be abandoned, but they’re just repurposed. Darkside and the government like to hide away their dirty little secrets in places like this.” He pulled a small metallic box from his backpack and opened a hidden panel. Inside was a small screen and keyboard. He pressed it against the hatch and it latched onto the surface magnetically. “The good thing is they often forget about the old tunnels.”

“So whose warehouse is this?” asked Evan.

“The government’s,” Hanse said as he typed some commands on the little keyboard.

“Are there people?”

“Not inside.” Hanse turned and looked at the rest of his assault squad of a dozen men and women. They were all dirty. Their clothes were a mishmash of uniforms, coveralls, and tee-shirts. Some of them had pieces of personal armor strapped on, but none of them, not even Hanse, had a full set of protective gear. The one thing they all had in common were the weapons. Each one carried a shotgun, except for Evan. “Okay, ya bastards, are you ready?”

“Yeah,” they all said in turn.

“Okay then.” Hanse pointed as he spoke. “Mike and Jojo, you two head for the weapons and ammunition. Grab what you can. Jojo, no heavy weapons this time. Just grab the simple stuff. Christy, take everyone else and head for the food.” He grabbed Evan by the shoulder and smiled at the rest. “Wonderboy and I are going shopping for a few specialty items. Remember, at the first sound of the alarm going off we bug out. One minute after the alarm that hatch is sealed and I don’t care who is still in the warehouse.” Hanse caught the eye of each squad member in turn and nodded. “Okay. Let’s do this.”


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