Beyond the Darkside: 30-5 to 6


The box chirped and squealed as it sorted through the possible codes until it found what it was looking for. With a muted clang, the door latch slid open. The seal between the tunnel and the warehouse above was broken with an audible hiss as the warm air of the tunnel rose into the warehouse. The stale scent of the confined space was even more putrid when compared to the filtered purity of the warehouse.

Evan sniffed and said, “You’re right. This air is almost laboratory grade clean.”

“See, I’m not just a pretty face,” Hanse said as he pushed the heavy steel portal open. The bang of it hitting the warehouse floor echoed throughout the space.

“Shit,” Evan whispered. “Won’t they hear that?

“Who, the guards? They’re not in this building.” Hanse climbed out of the tunnel, dragging Evan behind him. “They get a cozy little hab module separated by plenty of sound proof lunar atmosphere.”

“Seems kind of short sighted to me,” Evan said as the rest of the raiding party climbed out and jogged in the direction of their assigned shopping lists. “How do you know so much about this supposedly hidden warehouse?”

“We have friends,” Hanse said with a shrug. “Now come on. We’ve got some specialty items of our own to pick up.”

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