WIP 082515

A friend requested a little preview of the work in progress that has been occupying my writing time, so I picked out a little section that I have written recently. This is from the upcoming, and yet unnamed, book 1.5 of the Armageddon Angels series. Initially it was intended to be a novella, a short book intending to fill the space between the  first and second book in the series, but it is looking more and more to be a full on novel equal in size to Apocalypse Rising. Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft, but I would love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know what you think.


Justin chased after the Demon as it scurried down the hall. The moment he was free of the room he felt the familiar embrace of the Power. He reached for it. He drew it in and sent it flying down the with all the righteous fury he could muster. Fire roared through the hall, chasing the Demon up the stairs and exploding through the living room. The building shook as Justin raced up the stairs.

When he reached the first floor, he looked about for the Demon and was greeted by a large fist to his face.

“Surprise, mother fucker,” the Demon shouted as Justin careened into a fire blasted wall. “You’re not the only one who had to suffer with that shitty little basement prison.” He moved toward Justin with the intensity of a prizefighter that knew the fight is almost over. He hit Justin twice in the stomach before landing an uppercut that sent Justin through a wall. “So what do you say, slave? Shall we get rid of all this human pretense and do battle like we were meant to?”

A spear of black fire pierced the wall between them. Justin threw up a shield and deflected the shot through the large window at the front of the wizard’s house. The glass shattered into a thousand pieces to litter the yard and street beyond. A middle-aged couple walking their dog tripped and fell in surprise. Their yorkie barked with all of the ferocity the little terrier could manage. The cold light of the morning sun shone through the empty space and fell upon Justin’s back.

“Very well, Fallen. If that is what you want.” Just clapped his hands in front of him and a shockwave boomed through the house, smashing the wall that separated them. “What was it you said last night? Oh yeah, show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

The Demon roared and a wave of anger and sorrow poured out from it as it returned to the massive, winged and horned form of the night before. Its black sword crackled with ebony lightning before he swung it with casual ease and shattered a nearby bookshelf that survived the fire and shockwave from moments before. The Demon did not speak, it simply growled in a low tone that made the broken glass on the floor shimmy and shake.

Justin smiled, tucked away the lingering fear left behind by the previous night’s loss, and said, “Not bad, but I’ve seen it before.” The Angel hunched his shoulders and his wings emerged, tearing through the tattered remains of his shirt. He grew to his full height of eight feet and summoned his scythe. The Power strained for release, but Justin kept it in check, not wishing his presence to be the death of any nearby innocents.

“Meh,” said the Demon. “Nothing I haven’t seen before.” It shrugged and took a step forward. Its horns crushing the drywall ceiling as it moved.

“Perhaps,” said Justin, “but I know you’ve never seen this before or you wouldn’t be standing here today.” Justin wiped his hand down his face from forehead to chin. The rictus grin of his skeletal visage replaced his normally handsome features. The black cloak of his office and silver armor replaced his torn and bloody clothes. The scythe’s dark snath and brilliant blade grew until they matched his stature. “Now, Demon, let’s see if you’re still up for the challenge.”

So what do you think? I’d really like to know. Leave me a comment and I promise a response.

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