Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17

Evan looked around the garage. “Is there a bathroom or something?”

“In the house, but you’ll have to strip out here,” Hanse said. “The little woman wouldn’t like it if we brought them inside.”

“But…I…” Evan climbed out of the shuttle and looked about. “What about privacy?”

“Stuff your privacy little man. I’ve been watching you in your little room since you arrived,” Hanse said as he exited the shuttle. He poked Evan in the chest with a finger and said, “Everything.”

Evan sputtered and turned red in the face. “That’s sick. How could you do that to me?”

Hanse poked him in the chest again. “Just because you’re in my house doesn’t make us friends,” the big man growled. “Isis my trust you, but I sure don’t. One little raid doesn’t prove a damn thing. So I’ll be watching you, even when you think you have a moment to yourself in that little shit hole cell of yours.”

“Yeah, well that’s just fine,” Evan said as he took a step back from Hanse. “You enjoy your little peepshow now, because you know what? I’m not part of your little ridiculous rebellion. I’m a prisoner and the first chance I get I’ll be leaving you, Isis, and the rest of your conspiracy nut group far behind.”

Hanse swung a meaty fist at Evan’s head, intent on putting the littler man in his place. As his fist neared Evan’s glass jaw, it stopped. Hanse stared at his fist and willed it to follow through. He wanted to smash the outsider, shut his mouth for good, but try as he might, he could not get the fist to move any further forward. He looked at Evan, who stared right back at the older revolutionary.

“You don’t get to do that anymore,” Evan said. “None of you do. You’re a strong man, Hanse, probably one of the strongest I’ve ever met, but that is all you are. So much muscle on a frame of bone. There are limits to the human body. Did you know that it only takes about twenty-five pounds of pressure to break a bone? I do. I also have a pretty good understanding of human anatomy. I reached through a wall and figured out how to open a locked door without being able to see it. Do you think it would be that much harder to reach into your chest and give your heart a squeeze?”

Broken Bones

Evan pushed the fist away from his face. He forced it down to Hans’s side and held it there. “I know you’ll try to kill me if you get the chance. I know you’ll tell Isis about this and warn her about how dangerous I really am.” Hanse’s eyes went wide. “No, I can’t read your thoughts. I don’t have to.” He tapped a finger against the side of his head. “I’m smart, probably smarter than the entire brain trust you call a revolution, but I still have a lot to learn.” He released his grip on Hanse and the big man stepped back. “I’m not your enemy Hanse, but I am not part of your revolution. I want to see Aldric go down, so I’m willing to help. I am even willing to remain under lock and key for now, but treating me like your enemy is a mistake.”

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