Beyond the Darkside 34-21 to 24


“No. She-”

“She might be,” Hanse interrupted. “I’m not saying she is, but we have to play it safe. If you’re right then a little extra time won’t matter, but if you’re wrong we could be handing Isis and the rest of the resistance over to Dewitt or someone else.”

“I am already on the inside. I can learn more and when the time is right I will take you to her myself,” Debra said.

Evan let out a breath that he had been holding without even realizing it. “You’re right, about waiting I mean, but I don’t think she’s working for Aldric or anyone else.”

“You’re probably right, but why risk it?” Hanse asked before turning to Debra. “Why don’t you head out of here, Debbie, and I’ll get the geek back home to Isis.”

“Alright. You do that.” Debra lowered her gun and put it back in the holster at her hip, but she did not click the thumb strap back into place. She stood up and walked over to Hanse she pressed her forehead against his and whispered, “Be careful and don’t get caught okay?”

“You got it, Debbie. I got a plan.” The crooked smile that plastered his face reminded her why she fell in love with him back when they were both fresh to the moon’s surface.

“Do I want to know?”

“Nope.” The grin grew broader. “Now get out of here and report to your new boss. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Love you, Hanse,” she said before turning and walking to the garage.

The big man stood silently staring at her back, and then the door once it closed behind her with a hiss and a mechanical clank as the airlock sealed and purged the air back through the filters and circulators. He did not move again until Evan spoke up.

“You okay?” The smaller man stood beside him and looked the door over before looking up at Hanse. “Is something wrong?”

Hanse slowly tore his gaze from the door and looked at the scientist, surprised to find a look of concern on his face. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He blinked hard a couple times, thought about saying nothing more, but told Evan anyway. “Its just that she never says that. Never. Love you. Not since our wedding night.” He stared at the door for a second longer, willing it to open so he could ask before turning away and pulling out a communicator from his pocket.

Evan looked at the door and then the man, wondering if maybe she knew something that he did not..

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