A Little WIP for today.

Zombies Destroyed City Horror Walking Dead

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything, but I thought I would share a little something that I worked on today. This is very rough, so be kind, but it is from the next book in the Armageddon Angels series. Tell me what you think. Motivate me to get this beast finished.

Only the dead remained where they stood. Like jetties against the tide, the zombies stood firm as the goblins flowed around the them. They stared implacably toward the church and the meal promised them by their mistress, but one by one they turned toward the commotion behind them and saw the humans fighting their way toward the great siege engines at the edge of the battlefield. Struggling against the command of their queen and the hunger within, they shuffled and groaned, lending their choir of voices to the cacophony of the siege and the human lead incursion behind them.

“What the hell is wrong with you bastards?” shouted a human overseer as he cracked a whip above their heads. When they did not turn, he pushed his way through them, confident in the sigils tattooed upon his arms by the queen herself. When he reached the front of his crowd of charges and saw the soldiers laying waste to the horde of goblins, he swore and oath so vile that the zombies closest to him took a half step away from him. “Don’t just stand there, you brainless fuckers. Go get them.”

Whether or not the zombies understood the words mattered little. They understood the intent. Their leashes were slipped. The hunger called to them. The warm flesh and hot blood of the humans would satisfy it, if only for a little while. As one, they lurched forward with their loping gate, gaining momentum like a murderous avalanche coming down a mountain.



So what do you think? Should I share some more or keep it locked away until the novel is done?


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