Restaurant Review: Fireside Bar & Grill

This is a new thing for me, a restaurant review, but I like to eat out and I like good service, so I thought I would occasionally do a review here. I won’t be reviewing chain restaurants for the most part and none of the restaurants have compensated me in any way. I go to a restaurant, I eat there and I pay (or a friend does I suppose).


Fireside Bar & Grill, 19930 W Catawba Ave, Ste 130, Cornelius, NC, 28031

The restaurant was clean and inviting with a large patio area (we did not sit at the patio because it was raining). The interior was warm and inviting with a number of flat screen televisions scattered throughout. The bar is just inside the front door (and another one was located on the patio), so you know right away that the bar is a critical part of the establishment. Continue reading “Restaurant Review: Fireside Bar & Grill”