Apocalypse Undone Sneak Peak

After feeling a little inspired today, I decided it was time to share a little snippet from Apocalypse Undone, the upcoming sequel to my first book, Apocalypse Rising. Hopefully it wets your appetites a little, because the end is coming soon.

Apocalypse Undone

The city stretched out below Kohaku and he watched the cars wind their way through the brightly lit streets. When he focused his attention he could even make out the people on the sidewalks as they went to the restaurants and bars that occupied the bottom floors of so many of the buildings. “It really is beautiful from up here,” he said. He looked up at Hitaratsu Tower, and the window on the corner where his office had been. “I never really paid much attention when I had spent every day above it all. This whole city was my playground, or so I thought.”

“A fall from grace can change your perspective,” Justin said. “My time away from the Throne has made me see things in a way that I never could have imagined.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Undone Sneak Peak”