Beyond the Darkside 35 1-5


Fireball Brand Explosion Fire Pop Big Bang

The sound of electrons rearranging on the surface of the molecular analyzer grated on Aldric’s nerves. The hiss-chirp hiss-chirp cadence generated by the device was new, or at least it was new to him. He never noticed it before, but he was distracted before. Everything was clearer now, so it only made sense that he would notice sounds that were obviously masked before. Ignoring the sound was difficult, but it did not keep him from understanding the information.

The complex patterns taking shape on the analyzer was unlike anything he had seen before in organic matter. The DNA, or what passed for DNA in the remains of the tentacles that came pouring through the dimensional gate mimicked the wave pattern of the energy that came from opening the gate in the first place. Was the creature’s DNA change when it went through the gate, or was the gate somehow connected to the creatures? Hard to answer that question without going through the gate himself, and he was not crazy enough to try going through the gate. Not yet anyway.

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Beyond the Darkside 34-16 to 20


“Mostly food and medical supplies, but we swiped some parts too,” Hanse said.

Debra slowly shifted her gaze to her husband. “And that is it?”

Hanse tilted his head to the side and grinned. “Well there were a few weapons and a prototype code breaker, but that’s it: promise.”

“Great.” Debra shook her head and sighed. “Well that should be enough to get Vo off my back, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean you two are off the hook. Odds are both her and Aldric Dewitt will be coming for you two soon enough, so I would just as soon get you both out of my house.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 34-16 to 20”

Beyond the Darkside 34-1 to 15



The sparse dinner pleased Evan far more than it had any right to. He smiled and stroked his too thin stomach. The vat grown chicken and greenhouse broccoli tasted better than anything he ate while in the company of the resistance or Isis herself. He did not know if it was because he was not a prisoner at the moment, or if it was that much better than the survival rations that always seemed to be on the menu of the resistance. Ultimately it did not matter, but it tickled Evan’s mind and he smiled.

“You look rather pleased with yourself,” Hanse said as he shut the door behind him and walked into the living room of his wife’s home. The big man’s grin did not have the artificial or sinister qualities Evan was used to. An hour spent with Debbie in her bedroom, neither of them caring what Evan could hear, improved his demeanor as much as the food improved Evan’s.

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100 Word Challenge, Day 295

100 Word Challenge


Margaret surveyed her surroundings and laughed to herself. She had been in the visitor room before, but as the host, not the guest and it felt completely different. She knew that she was being monitored, and she suspected that there were armed guards nearby. Aldric had always been a little paranoid, and the new security precautions she had noted in the hall indicated that he had taken it up a notch in her absence. It was not all that surprising really. Margaret could not imagine how he had ever survived without her calming influence. It must have been dumb luck.

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100 Word Challenge Day 290-291

100 Word Challenge: And The Stars Would Curse His NameAldric stepped into the lab and gagged at the stench. He reached into his lab coat pocket, but found that he had forgotten to replace his nasal filters after his last trip into the lab. “Shit. Note to self: refill pockets with nose plugs before next test.” The lab’s computer dutifully made the note in its logs and waited for more commands. “The stink from the white tentacle is different from the last few specimens. It reminds me of…rotten fruit, overcooked cabbage, and rancid meat…with a hint of bacon.” Aldric wrinkled his nose as he took in a deep breath. “Yes, definitely bacon.” Continue reading “100 Word Challenge Day 290-291”

100 Word Challenge, Day 288-289

The latest installment in my 100 Word Challenge.

A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li...
A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-like units (nucleotides) in the center carries information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aldric punched his security code into the control room door, looked into the retinal scanner, and place his finger into the socket for DNA collection. The computer checked through the information and spit back a failure result. “Computer, what is the problem?”

There was a slight pause before the computer responded in its usual, breathy voice. “The DNA match was unsuccessful. Please try again.”

“Stupid machine,” Aldric grumbled under his breath before sticking a different finger into the machine.

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100 Word Challenge, Day 285-287

This is the latest installment in my 100 Word Challenge.


100 Word Challenge Tentacles

The high pitch whine of the lab’s internal defenses was deafening. Cylinders of solidified light slammed into the tentacles that had broken through the shielding, and something from the other side of the portal screamed in agony. Aldric was unsure which was louder, but he did not care as long as the guns did their job and beat the creature back.

One of the tentacles managed to dodge past the numerous bolts and smashed into the three-inch thick shield of void glass that protected Aldric from the chaos of his lab. The near indestructible material cracked under the assault and web like fissure spread out from the center as the tentacle stuck again and again. Aldric sighed and pushed the one red button on his control console. Continue reading “100 Word Challenge, Day 285-287”