Review Submissions

If you have a something that you would like to submit for a review please e-mail me at and put Review Submission in the subject line.

I am open to reviewing any number of things, but keep in mind what I wrote on the Review Page…I base my reviews on how much I like them, not on any technical merit or strange formula of required components.  If you ask me to review your work and I do not like it then I will be honest about that fact and it will be posted in my blog for the entire world to see, so submit at your own risk.

I also reserve the right to NOT review things, especially if I do not find the content appropriate for posting on my blog or if I find your material offensive, and when I say offensive, I mean offensive to me, and you may end up getting a review that simply says…OFFENSIVE, along with some other choice warnings depending on my mood.  Again, remember that you CHOSE to ask me to review it.

Finally, it may take some time for me to do the review.  Obviously the size of the item in question can play a factor, but also I may have several items qued up for review and if yours is not on top it may take me some time to get there.  So be patient.  I will get to your review and I will be as speedy about it as I can.

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