WIP 082515

A friend requested a little preview of the work in progress that has been occupying my writing time, so I picked out a little section that I have written recently. This is from the upcoming, and yet unnamed, book 1.5 of the Armageddon Angels series. Initially it was intended to be a novella, a short book intending to fill the space between the  first and second book in the series, but it is looking more and more to be a full on novel equal in size to Apocalypse Rising. Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft, but I would love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know what you think.


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Apocalypse Undone Sneak Peak

After feeling a little inspired today, I decided it was time to share a little snippet from Apocalypse Undone, the upcoming sequel to my first book, Apocalypse Rising. Hopefully it wets your appetites a little, because the end is coming soon.

Apocalypse Undone

The city stretched out below Kohaku and he watched the cars wind their way through the brightly lit streets. When he focused his attention he could even make out the people on the sidewalks as they went to the restaurants and bars that occupied the bottom floors of so many of the buildings. “It really is beautiful from up here,” he said. He looked up at Hitaratsu Tower, and the window on the corner where his office had been. “I never really paid much attention when I had spent every day above it all. This whole city was my playground, or so I thought.”

“A fall from grace can change your perspective,” Justin said. “My time away from the Throne has made me see things in a way that I never could have imagined.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Undone Sneak Peak”

Apocalypse Rising 042012

 I laugh and nod to her. “From your lips to His ears,” I say. I open the door, step into the light of the elf village, and rise to my full height of seven feet. “I will not forget that you helped me in my time of need. I will do what I can to return you, and your people, to glory.”

“That would be a magnificent thing,” she says, “but you will forgive me if I am a little skeptical. We are the antithesis of your mission, handed down by the Father, Himself.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042012”

Apocalypse Rising 041812


Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

“Tell her yourself,” she says. “I am sending her with you.”

“Thank you, Elf Queen, but that is unnecessary,” I say. “Today has been a long day for your people, and I think you will need women like her to watch over your people in the coming days. The wizard was defeated, but he survived, and he, or his master, may well come looking for me.” I feel guilty for the death of so many elves. Their dwindling population cannot sustain the ravages of my presence. In the past, my enemies usually feared facing me directly, so they struck at my friends and allies. I am afraid that will happen again. Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 041812”

100-Word Challenge, Day 364


Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use
Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Now that you remember everything, what will you do?” Gloriana asks as she reaches out and releases the tea cup. It floats there, unmoving, as if it were sitting on an invisible end table.

I scowl at my teacup and say, “I don’t quite remember everything, at least not like a normal person.” I take another drink of tea and set the cup on the floor between my feet. “All of my memories are here,” I say as I tap my skull with my middle finger, “but it is all filed away funny, like a library. If I know what I’m looking for it is easy enough to pull up the specific memory.”

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100-Word Challenge, Day 363


Angel 013
Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

“Thank you.” I sip from the cup, and the tea burns my lips as it enters my mouth. I could ignore the pain, but my time amongst the mortals has taught me the value of pain. I am not a masochist, but pain reminds you that you’re alive. Too many of my heavenly brethren go through their lives without feeling pain, and they forget, though their lives are infinitely long, that they can be killed. It has been untold eons since the Angels have gone to war, and our own immortality may be our downfall when we are called to battle next.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 362

I laugh and say, “I certainly don’t need to be brought back to reality today. I am about as real as I can get right now.”

“Yes, I would say you are,” she says. I feel her feeding the fire with her will, speeding up the steeping process. The fragrant smell of herbs wafts from the pot as the water nears boiling. “That should do it,” Gloriana says. She lifts the pot from the hook with her power and pours the tea into two, small, stone cups crafted with magic, given life by the craft and imagination of the earth’s oldest race.

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