Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin

Here is another entry to my writing prompt challenge by Guamella Pellegrin. This little vignette is a lot of fun!


Missy’s Adventure by Guamella Pellegrin

Writing Prompt Challenge Guamella Peregrin


My journey began when I pushed on the screen door and realized, “Hey, there’s a wide world out there!”  Scrambling through the open screen doorway, I was off to a good start.  Mom was on the telephone, and Dad was at work.

Mopsie, our black and white cat, came over to give me a quick tongue-bathing.  Now my face shines like that giant yellow ball in the sky.

Johnny is over in his yard next door, swinging in his tire swing.  I had better hurry and get going before he sees me and tattles.  I head toward the rose garden next door.  Their sweet scents draw me to them.  “Ouch!”  This one just stuck me with its thorns!  I better keep going before Mrs. Johnson’s puppy, Sparkles, starts barking at me.
Uh-oh, what is this?  Let me touch it.  It looks exactly like the round green balls that Mom brings home from the grocery store, and when she cuts it open, the red part inside tastes sweet and juicy.  Mom takes out all of the black seeds in it.  Dad loves these, and so do I.
Wow! Look at this over here!   There’s a house at the top of this pole, where black birds are flying around it, and some sitting on its roof!
I guess I had better head back toward home before Mom finds me gone and spanks me.  Here it is!  I recognize these steps!  Let’s see if I can get back up.  This wasn’t as easy as I thought.  Whew!  I am finally up.  Now let’s see if I can get back inside.  Yes, the door is barely open, and I am now back inside.  I am SO-O-O-o-o-o tired, though.  I think I will take a short nap now, just a few minutes here on this rug.
As I lay my head down, all of a sudden a gigantic brown, fire-breathing dragon swoops down from above, and clamps tightly to my diaper, pulling me  high into the air.  High over the trees it carries me, its talons gripping my backside.Though scary, I can see all the homes and cars and shops so far down.  I feel the mighty whoosh of the dragon’s wings, and the heat from its body right above me.
We pass over the ant-sized city, then an unseen archer’s arrow plunges into the dragon’s swollen belly, where a scale is missing, and immediately it turns me loose and down I go.  An eagle catches my diaper in its beak and brings me safely to the ground.  The city still appears toy-size and I feel like a monster, as the eagle shows me which way to go.  Nearby, a whirlwind is moving in the same direction so I follow it all the way back home.  Strange that it knew where I lived!
The next thing I realize is, I wake up in my bed, and Mom is preparing a tasty breakfast, and as I  look down on my sheet, there lies a lone dragon scale!
By Guamella Pellegrin
June 15, 2013



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Mo Mo, Here I Come! by Guam Pellegrin

This is a poem submitted by my good friend, Guam Pellegrin, in response to the Writing Prompt Challenge I submitted.  Make sure to leave her a comment to let her know what you think!
Typical Finnish wooden rocking chair.
Typical Finnish wooden rocking chair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mo Mo, Here I Come!
Mo Mo, I’m on my way over
Gotta tiny turn to make,
Shine up the rocking chair,
While this road  I take.
Get out all your keys,
Pots, pans and bowls;
Dust off the cookie jar,
And remember, cinnamon rolls.
By the time I get there,
My diaper may smell strange;
A dab of lotion and oil,
Will be a pleasant change.
A tub of warm water
With a ducky squeaky clean,
Will get you peals of laughter;
You know what I mean.
An hour or two of Disney
Is really all it takes,
You may need that rocking chair,
For all of our sakes.
By Guam Pellegrin    

June 14, 2013

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Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12

Bernard slipped into the darkness outside of his room, and ran past the buildings of the old high school. He dodged through the open spaces, turning down the alleys that a generation earlier would have been filled with students, if it weren’t in the middle of the night. He thanked the heavens for the thick layer of clouds overhead. He was unsure whether he hoped for rain or not. A dry night would make it easier to run away, and the rain would make it easier to move in for the kill. Continue reading “Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12”

100-Word Challenge, Day 332


The Angel at the Gate of Dis
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“Sir! We have him!” shouted a technician on the other end of the room.

“Where?” asked Neville as he stormed across the room.

“Uptown, beneath–” The technician’s words were cut off by his screams. A bolt of electricity shot from his monitor and lanced through his chest. his scream quickly devolved into a gurgle as his lungs were boiled inside him. Monitor after monitor exploded in a storm of miniaturized lightning that left all of the operators dead within seconds. Neville stood in the middle of the room, unharmed by the exploding glass and dancing electricity. He was still more Angel than man and was afforded the proper protection.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 291

“That is entirely up to you, Justin,” Gloriana says. “You can stay here a little longer, but your welcome will not last more than another night. You cannot use your power and you must not leave my home.” Her tone shifts from casual to serious as she says, “you are a hazard to my people and I do not like risking their wellbeing.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, “but how am I a danger. I won’t hurt them.”

Gloriana laughs and says, “you would not mean to, but you would. They would see you as either someone to hate or as a source of hope. If my people kill you I fear there would be retributions rained down upon us all, and they cannot afford hope.”

100-Word Challenge, Day 283



I wake without pain. I am strangely at peace, though I know I should be terrified, but I don’t feel a seed of doubt within me. I have a purpose and I know I can achieve anything.

If only I knew what my purpose is.

I sit up from a bed of fresh hay and look around. I’m in a cozy little room filled with furniture shaped from living wood. There are no signs of a blade having ever touched any of it. A small fire burns in a fireplace of shaped stone, heating a kettle of steaming liquid. It feels like home.

100-Day Challenge, Day 281



“No, sir, she is unaware.” The voice on the other end of the phone shook with fear.

“Good. Make sure you keep it that way.” Simon filled his voice with as much patience and calm as he could muster. “It will be far easier to keep her safe if she thinks we are on her side until it is too late.”

“But if he discovers the betrayal…”

“Then we will be no more dead than if we had done nothing.” It was the harsh reality of their situation, one Simon had grown accustomed to.

“But our souls,” the man on the phone whispered, “they will be taken from us.”