Review: She Could Fly #1

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Writer:          Cristopher Cantwell

Artist:            Martin Morazzo

Colorist:        Miroslav Mrva

Letterer:        Clem Robins

Publisher:     Dark Horse Comics


A woman is seen flying about the city. No one knows who she is, or how she is able to fly, but high school sophomore Luna Brewster is fascinated.  Who is she? Where does she come from? How does she fly? What does she want?

Luna has some issues, but what teenager doesn’t? Her new school counselor  seems nice enough, and the appearance of a flying woman is unusual, definitely not crazy, right? Continue reading “Review: She Could Fly #1”

God’s Wrath

Here is my entry into the My Writer’s Cramp March Writers  Challenge.  While I’m not elligble to win I still wanted to participate, so here you go.

“You should just kill every last one of them Bernard. You know this would all be a lot easier if you did.” The dark cloud of pain and hatred hung around Felix, anyone looking closely could see it there, but most chose not to pay attention lest they become involved in something that might disrupt their peaceful little lives.

“Easier for who? You? I want no more blood on my hands Felix.” Bernard looked in the mirror, trying to see past the dark black bags beneath his eyes to the soul hidden within them. Every once in a while he thought he saw it there, a faint glimmer of who he used to be, long before the darkness consumed his life. Continue reading “God’s Wrath”