Beyond the Darkside: 30-17 through 20


A staccato burst of cobalt bolts flew down the aisle with a high pitched whine. They struck a car sized container at the end of the rack, evaporated the steel exterior and struck the contents with the force of speeding tank concentrated into the head of a pin. The jellied fuel inside the container reacted to the sudden intrusion with violence. The normally stable and inert fuel reacted with the bolts and exploded. The container contained the blast for less than a fraction of a second. Fire and steel erupted outward bathing the racks in destruction and killing the security guards in before they even understood the danger they were in.

“Oh yeah!” Hanse shouted as he lifted the rifle up and rested the barrel on his shoulder. “I love this thing.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside: 30-17 through 20”


100-Word Challenge, Day 229

It is when I clear the third flight of stairs that it occurs to me: I never left the first floor. The security guards had dragged me to the interrogation room, but we never got in an elevator and there wasn’t some big ramp upwards, so we never went up.  That means that I am heading into the basement, not out of the building.

What kind of a jackass marks a stairwell as emergency exit when it takes you further into the building? I am glad I don’t work here.  If the building catches fire people will die down here.

100-Word Challenge, Day 228

I head through the door and find myself in a stairway leading up and down. The smart move would be to go up, away from the way out, because they wouldn’t be expecting that, but smart really isn’t on the table at the moment.  Albert sent an army after me, so even if I got away from them and Hitaratsu was able to kick them out of the building, I was still going to end up in a whole lot of trouble. I take a deep breath and run down the stairs, praying that the exit is closer than the gunmen following me.

100-Word Challenge, Day 227

Ahead of me there is a loud clicking sound that reminds me of the sound of castle portcullis being ratcheted up. Someone is coming through the door at the end of the hall, so I dive down a side corridor. It is probably Hitaratsu security trying to reestablish control of the building, but I don’t want to become the victim of a, “shoot first, ask questions later,” policy. I run down the hall and find an emergency exit. Salvation! I push the bar, only to set off an ear-splitting alarm. Good job Justin, way to tell everyone where you are.

100-Word Challenge, Day 226

There is something very motivating about the sound of bullets whizzing past you. I find myself saying, “thank you,” over and over again as I run. I trip over my own feet and fall as I turn the corner, but I get up quickly and keep going. The lack of bullets flying by doesn’t convince me to slow down, because I know they’ll be back if I don’t get out of this place. I’m running deeper and deeper into the building, turning down every hall I find, trying desperately to lose my pursuers. I just hope I don’t get so lost that I can’t get back out again.

100-Word Challenge, Day 225

I turn and run, trying to stay low, zigging and zagging as much as I can to make it hard for them to kill me, but I don’t really have much hope of escaping. Bullets bounce around me, spraying me with shattered plaster and concrete. I’m reminded how much I hate guns. Warfare and people became a whole lot less pleasant once bullets started flying around. Give me a sword or a bow and arrow any day. It took real skill to use those weapons and you had to look the other man in the eye. You knew you had taken a life and you certainly felt the weight of their death on your conscience.

100-Word Challenge, Day 224

The warbling screech of a fire alarm drowns out all of the other noise. A chill runs down my spine as it occurs to me that whoever is attacking the building is most likely after me. It’s hard to imagine that even Albert would be so brazen as to assault Hitaratsu’s headquarters, in the middle of downtown, during the middle of the day. I know that what I saw was enough to make Albert want me dead, but this is simply insane. I step into the hall just in time to see a pair of men dressed in black and toting assault rifles step through the smoke. I freeze, a dear in headlights, right until one of the yells, “there he is!”