Racing From the Middle of the Pack

This post has little to do with writing, but I will give you a little update on that as well. It has been a while since I have given any sort of life update,  so here it is.

My kids are awesome. I know I am biased, but they are. I am so lucky to have them all. I wish I got to spend more time with them, but work keeps me away. I take advantage of every minute I get…or at least I try to.

Connor finished another great season of soccer. His team made it to the championships, but they lost a nail-biter 2-1. He came away feeling good and with a few things to work on before the fall. He is still doing karate and achieved his high-green belt this spring. If he keeps this up he could be a black belt by high school.


Zachary has found something he can be passionate about: bowling. He looks forward to it every weekend and has been participating in tournaments too. He even won $40 in scholarship money. A couple of weeks ago he participated in a ProAm and got 17th place out of 75 kids. I love watching him thrive and have fun every weekend. Zachary went on three-day field trip to the coast a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. The report we got from his chaperone was that he is a well mannered and well behaved young man. Tracy and I are so proud.


Kaitlyn. Oh my goodness, Kaitlyn. She is over seven months old now, and I’ll admit she has me wrapped around her finger. She is not quite crawling yet, but she is sitting up and rolling around like a champ. She is a big girl (taking after Zachary here) and she is as happy a baby as I could ask for. She is teething now, so we are back to waking up once a night, but there are worse things.


My wife, Tracy, is still my rock and is always there even when I don’t think I deserve her. She continues to sell products from Thirty-One Gifts in addition to her fulltime job, and while it doesn’t go as well as she would like, she is making progress and I am proud of her.

We are trying to get a house next year and that means eliminating debt and adding to savings for the rest of the year. As part of this grand push I have started cleaning offices again, only now I am doing it five nights a week instead of three. The pace has been brutal and everything else has been pushed down on the priority list.

My writing. Oh how it suffers from deprivation. If my writing was a pet I would have to consider giving it up for adoption. I intended to have the sequel to Apocalypse Rising ready for publishing by now, but I have not yet finished the first draft. I plan on doing more editing on my own this time, so if I have it published by the end of summer I will call it a win.

I am doing a re-edit on Apocalypse Rising as well so that I can get a second edition out and submit it to a couple of publishers as well. With the one year anniversary of it’s publication rapidly approaching I thought it best to give it that extra once over.

I started a zombie based short story I had planned on submitting to an anthology, but my time crunched claimed it as a victim. I am thinking I may expand on it and put it out as a novella around Halloween.

My dark science fiction piece that I am serializing here continues on and promises to only get better. Keep your eyes open for some updates coming soon.

When I stated writing this blog post I was thinking about my life and how it felt like I was stuck in the crowd. No matter how hard I work I can never get ahead of where I am and where I have been for the last few years. I was reminded of watching long distance runners. There are always a handful of people out in front, but most people are stuck in the pack in the middle. When one person tries to emerge from the pack the rest of them strive to keep up and ultimately that person is reabsorbed into the mass at the middle. I’m not saying that I have done a lot to try and break free, or that anyone is keeping me back, but it sure feels like that is the position I am in. Perhaps this is the year I work hard to put myself in the position to break loose and free myself from the herd.

Well I imagine that is enough of an update for now. There will be some more in the near future. Thank you for reading.


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What is the Answer?

When I first thought about writing this post I had a lot of things I wanted to say and there was going to be very little filtering involved, but I’ve had a little time to calm down and to measure my words carefully. I may say some things you disagree with and if you stop reading that is fine. You have a right not to read what I have to say. I hope that you will consider what I say as my honest feelings and respect them for what they are. With that being said, I am going to mention some things I have seen posted by friends on facebook and elsewhere. I am not going to call those friends out and I respect their right to say what they believe, but I wanted to be upfront with what may seem hypocritical on the surface.

Now, if you are ready to continue, read on and leave whatever comments you would like. I only ask that you keep things respectful. Continue reading “What is the Answer?”

A Special Event To Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society











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Apocalypse Rising 042212


Belly Scar
Belly Scar (Photo credit: djsmiley2k)

“There are memories in scars,” I say. The transformation removed centuries of hard-earned scars in a matter of minutes. I wonder how long it will be before my memories fade away. My memory of food still lingers, but it is fading. I no longer need to eat to sustain myself and the sweetest berries will taste bland to my converted pallet. Angels are creatures of efficiency. Why should we have taste buds when there is no need to eat? I will miss the pleasure of eating. My time amongst man held more pain than pleasure, but it was part of living. Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042212”

Believe It or Not I Do Things Other Than Write

I know my life lately has been dominated by NaNoWriMo, but there has been a lot of other stuff going on as well. Most of it has very little to do with me, but it has everything to do with my kids.

In the last week we had parent teacher conferences for both boys and let me just tell you how proud of them I am. Both are earning straight A’s and got high marks in behavior as well. I walked out of both conferences with my chest puffed up just a little. Tracy and I have worked hard with them,  but their love of learning is their own and it makes me so very proud.

Soccer season is over and I am plenty okay with that. Zachary’s team, the one I coached, did not do well in the tournament and it left me a little shaken as a coach. I felt like I had not done right by them, but I can say that they all played better by the end of the year and I can take some comfort in that.  Connor’s team went undefeated even through the all county tournament. They were champions to be sure.

Now that there is no soccer we are back to cub scouts and karate has kicked into a higher gear once again, so even without soccer we keep going at full tilt. Zachary doesn’t know it yet but after the first of the year he’ll be getting to take the art classes he has been wanting to take. No rest for this family.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and this year we’ll be heading to Tybee Island outside of Savannah, Georgia. A trip to the coast has become a family tradition and we are all looking forward to it. Zachary is hoping he can find an alligator head to bring home with him and I promised that if we couldn’t find one that I would order one online for him. I don’t always understand why he wants things but I admire the passion he has for those things.

We have recently started getting an assortment of locally grown fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. The produce is so much better than what we get at the store and we get things I don’t normally try. For example, this week we got mustard and collard greens, so last night I made mustard greens and they were really good (at least Tracy and I thought so, the boys weren’t quite so enthusiastic). I’m really looking forward to seeing what we get next week so that I can use the great produce for a fantastic holiday dinner. If you have a chance to get local produce like this I strongly suggest that you do it.

I have turned a corner of sorts at work. I spoke with our senior network tech and he has started working with me on server setup. In a couple of weeks i’ll be doing a complete server install and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m studying and preparing for it and I hope I will do many more going forward. Being a network administrator is what I want to do and the experience I earn doing this work will stay with me forever.

Well I think that is it for now. I’ll go back to working on NaNoWriMo until the end of the month then it will be hard core editing time.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 213

“Well,” I say, pretending to think for a moment, “most of the stuff is perfectly legal, just hard to find. You know, rare foods, expensive wine, things like that, but he does like to live on the wild side a little.”

“Go on,” my interrogator says.

“Well he likes escorts. I mean the guy is loaded right? He could have any woman he wants, but he prefers prostitutes? Its just weird if you ask me.” I let the words come fast, like I’m eager to share the dirt I think I have on Albert. I am sure the man across the table, or his boss, knows all of this and more, but the longer I stay here the better.