Beyond the Darkside: 30-17 through 20


A staccato burst of cobalt bolts flew down the aisle with a high pitched whine. They struck a car sized container at the end of the rack, evaporated the steel exterior and struck the contents with the force of speeding tank concentrated into the head of a pin. The jellied fuel inside the container reacted to the sudden intrusion with violence. The normally stable and inert fuel reacted with the bolts and exploded. The container contained the blast for less than a fraction of a second. Fire and steel erupted outward bathing the racks in destruction and killing the security guards in before they even understood the danger they were in.

“Oh yeah!” Hanse shouted as he lifted the rifle up and rested the barrel on his shoulder. “I love this thing.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside: 30-17 through 20”


100-Word Challenge, Day 329


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“Fools!” Vandal shouts before he waves his arms, and an unseen force grabs Julius and slams him into the wall. A sickening crunch and a smear of brilliant crimson on the cavern’s bricks tell me that Julius is no more. His life snuffed from existence, denied immortality by a human wizard and the Creator who denies his elder children their place in heaven.

The cavern explodes in violence as elves and goblins rejoin the battle. The howls of goblins and the incantations of the elves battle each other, adding to the discord of war. The fighting swirls around the wizard Vandal and I as our wills battle in the ether.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 328

“That works just fine for me since I am nobody,” I say.

Vandal screams and points at me. A stream of liquid flame shoots from his fingertips and lances straight for me. The heat reaches me before the flames themselves and I brace for the pain.

“You’ll find, wizard, that there are lots of people in this room who mock you.” Julius jumps between me and fire. The stream breaks apart just short of Julius’s chest and fizzles out in a shower of harmless sparks. “Sorry, Justin, it took a moment to clear my head. It has been a while.”

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