Just Before Midnight Musings


Okay, I’m lying in bed and I can’t fall asleep so I thought I would share some of the things on my mind. This is not always a safe thing since this could all be a semi-lucid dream and the morning may tell me this was a bad idea, but I’m going to go for it. Continue reading “Just Before Midnight Musings”


At Least We Didn’t Lose

The Arizona Cardinals did not lose this weekend. I repeat, they did not lose.  The fact that they had a bye this week is irrelevant. The losing streak has ended!!!

On another note, I had a great weekend. Soccer was awesome and I started work on setting up my server. I don’t really need a server right now, but it is a fun learning tool and I have been putting it off for a while. This week we start cub scouts back up, just in time for this weekend’s camp out.  I’m not overly excited about it, but the boys sure are.

I actually made progress on preparing for NaNoWriMo this weekend.  For the first time ever I have actually put to screen the rough story idea and the first main character sketches.  This is a first with any project I have done and i’m feeling a little jazzed about it. Perhaps I will be able to hit this 50k thing since i’m going into it a bit more prepared.  It is going to be a science fiction piece that takes place a couple hundred years in the future.  Way cool, but I don’t want to give away too much since I’ll be posting it on here.

Anyhow. Have a great day and I’ll catch you later.

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The Future Looks Bright

Yesterday I talked about the awesome day that Zachary had and the turn around that seemed to have happened.  Today I want to talk about my younger son, Connor.

Where Zachary is not the aggressive, athletic type, Connor is. Connor came into the season feeling confident, ready to play as a forward, but he struggled with that. He just never seemed like he could make that move to take the shot. He had a ton of assists and was a big contributor, but never got the kill shot.  In the last few weeks he was switched over defense and his play came alive. He was in the mix, making plays and denying his opponents the opportunity to score.

We talked with the coaches and talked amongst ourselves and figured out what had made the difference. Connor is competitive, but he loves to compete against other people. Forwards are more about avoiding direct conflict so they can make the shot. Defenders go after the guy with the ball and take it from him. Connor wants to beat the other guy and he is damn good at it.

Today, Connor tried out for a tournament team. He did great, but didn’t make the cut. He was one of two six year olds competing against two dozen seven and eight year olds and was told he was too young for the team. Two of his team mates and two of Zachary’s have made the first cut. Connor was disappointed, but he handles it like a champ and understood what had happened and is determined to make it next year.  He is a fighter and his attitude is awesome. I love watching play, but I love the young man he is becoming.

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Cardinals Win!

It does my heart good to see the Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers in their first game of the season.  I live outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Panthers and so I am constantly barraged with the sight of black, blue and silver. I’ve never beena fan of the Panthers and I don’t suppose I ever will.

The game was a close one and the Arizona defense barely seemed able to hold Carolina at times, but they did it when it counted…especially at the very end of the game when they made a spectacular goal line stand. Cam Newton showed that he may well be a force to be reckoned with, throwing more than 400 yards and two touchdowns in his first professional game, but it just wasn’t meant to be this time.

The addition of Kevin Kolb to the Arizona offense seemed to pay off, with at least two long touchdown passes, the likes of which were non-existant all of last season. Beanie Wells did his part as well, establishing a running game early on and providing another passing target for Kolb.

The Cardinals may drive me crazy with their last minute wins, but I can’t help but be proud of this win.

Soccer Day!


Today we had the first of our official games. I coach the U-10 boys Thunder! For the South Iredell Soccer Association (SISA). My oldest son, Zachary, is on the team and I love getting to coach him. He is already showing improvement over last year and in today’s game he even managed a run at the goal which would never have happened last year.

The team played well but we were playing the best team in our age group and they proved to be a little more than the Thunder! Could handle. They are improving though and I expect we’ll be winning next weeks game.

My younger son, Connor, has a game too and starts soon. U-8 soccer is always entertaining since they have more skills than the really little kids, but they still tend too crowd up.  I’m sure it will be a great game.

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The End is Nigh, or The Beginning of the Next Phase

As any of my long time readers can attest, my output as of late has increased substantially.  Alone used to consist of one post a week, but lately it has climbed to the point of five or six a week. Part of the reason for the change is that it became my primary focus as opposed to a secondary project. Another part is that after I hit Part 50 I took a look at where I was with the story and where  I wanted to go with it.  Some vague ideas became clearer as I plotted out the story’s path and made notes about changes I needed to make once I do the first re-write. Once I did all of that the story just poured out of me in a hurry, coming far faster than it has since I started it.  The goal is to have the first draft finished by the end of the month.  Once that has happened I will be taking a week off from working on it, then I will begin what promises to be the most brutal part of the project…the editing. As part of the editing process I will be going through all of the comments made on the individual posts. Once I’ve reviewed a post for comments I’ll be deleting it from my blog.  I don’t know how quickly the process will go, but I can promise at least one post a day will be removed so at best the individual parts will be online for about three months, but they could all be gone in a couple of weeks. So what am I saying here?  Well if you want to re-read the story from the beginning before you have to pay for it in book format you had better get started now. Oh, and tell a friend to come have a read too while you’re at it.

So what else is going on?  Well I decided that after the first 365 entries of my 100-day challenge I will be taking those offline too and putting them together as a novelette.  I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to do with it, but I like this idea.  I mean seriously, wouldn’t you pay a buck or two for the whole series in a nice little e-book format?  At any rate that one will continue on in my blog even after the first year’s worth has been removed.

Oh, remember some three weeks ago when I submitted a story for publication.  Yeah…longest…three…weeks…ever.  I still haven’t heard anything back.  No news means it hasn’t been rejected, but it still drives me insane waiting to find out one way or another.  I can handle rejection if it comes.  I have another story in the works and a third idea coming behind it, but the wait…it burns.

Football season is upon us and I find myself in a curiously uncomfortable position.  I have no channels that will allow me to watch football. Not one. As part of our ongoing attempts to save money so that some time in the next couple of years we can afford a house again we decided to ditch our cable/sattelite service and live off of the limited free channels from our apartment complex, supplimenting it with netflix and hulu plus. This solution has worked well for the most part, but I had not thought of football when I made the decision…now my Sundays shall be filled with tears, and not just because my Cardinals have been beaten.

I’m sure there are other updates I could be sharing right now, but this is all I can think of at the moment.  Brain fry has set in. Maybe I’ll share more later…if I remember…

Man/Women After God’s Heart | Kurt’s Messages

Back when Kurt Warner was the quarterback for the St. Louis Rams I loved his story.  A man who went from anonymity to the pinnacle of glory in one year’s time.  He took a team that had been struggling to find true success and led them to a Super Bowl victory.  What I did not know about his story at the time was his strong Christian Faith.  I was agnostic at best during that time and once I found out about how much he spoke about his belief I actually lost a little of my respect for the man and his talents.  In 2001 I suffered a personal tragedy and I found my way towards God.  It was a slow start and it was full of its ups and downs as my long time beliefs often clashed with my new found ones.  I bounced through a couple of churches and a handful of pastors without ever really finding true belief.  In 2007 I moved from Oregon to North Carolina for work.  It was a leap of faith for me and my family.  We had no friends or family in the area and we were giving up comfortable jobs and our home back in Oregon.  Four months later I lost my job as the economy started its slide in ernest.  We were lucky that my wife had found a good job a month before I lost mine and even more importantly we had found a church that we really liked.  The year at the Christmas Eve mass I asked Jesus into my life.  Something about that night had opened up a doorway in my hurt and I felt for the first time in years that everything was going to be okay and that there truly was someone (other than my wife and kids) out there who loved me, cared for me andhad given everything for me.  I think part of what opened that door for me was watching Kurt Warner.  I make it no surprise that I am a big Cardinals fan.  I have more jerseys from players who aren’t with the team anymore than I have jerseys for players who are still with the team.  I remember watching Kurt taking part in a discussion on one of the local religious channels and loving the message he delivered.  Then I got to see it in practice as the Cardinals made their epic run to the Superbowl that year.  I watched Kurt cut a post-game interview short because he wanted to be with the players on both teams as they prayed in a circle on the field.  Kurt is the kind of Christain I aspire to be.  He is kind and loving and he leads by the example he sets which in my mind does more for Christianity than any fire and brimstone preacher could ever hope to accomplish.   I follow Kurt Warner still in his post football career and he even managed to get me to vote for him on Dancing With the Stars.  Below is a link to a blog most he released this morning.  It is beautiful and inspiring and I hope you find joy in his words.  Thank you Kurt Warner.


Man/Women After God’s Heart | Kurt’s Messages.