Apocalypse Rising Chapter 13 PREVIEW

Well the day is nearly upon us.  Apocalypse Rising’s official release is only a week away and I know I have been very quiet the last few weeks, so I thought I would share a finished chapter from the book and a video my friend Jan Marie made for me.





“What do you mean, he’s gone?” Neville asked. Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising Chapter 13 PREVIEW”

Apocalypse Rising 042712

{31} storm drain
{31} storm drain (Photo credit: KatLevPhoto)

“I hope to change that,” I say.

She turns, stares at me, and asks, “why would you do that?”

“Because your people were forgotten, and it isn’t right,” I say. “There was a time when I had forgotten you as well, but I mean to make amends. I don’t know that I’ll be able to return you to your former glory, but I will find you a place to live in peace.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042712”

Apocalypse Rising 042612

 “It will be my pleasure,” she says before turning and leading me through the crowded tunnel.

She guides me back through the village to a tunnel on the far side. It is dark and wet; an oppressive weight hangs in the air and chills my flesh to the bone. “What is this place?” I ask.

Accantha whispers, “it is a cursed place, tainted by dark magic long ago. When we first settled in this place, dark wizards and a host of lesser demons attacked us. They killed many of my people were killed, but we carried the day. When the last of the demons fell, the remaining wizards sacrificed themselves and laid a curse on the battleground.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042612”

Apocalypse Rising 042512


Embroidery work done on a backpack. Magyar: Hi...
Embroidery work done on a backpack. Magyar: Himzés egy táskán. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It seems I can’t leave you alone for a second without you breaking a rule now can I,” Accantha says. She steps forward, and hands me an old, green, military backpack. “You can keep your gear in here she says.

“Awful modern looking for an enchanted elven backpack,” I say and the elves laugh and titter with amusement. It is a joyous sound that makes me smile, even if the joke is at my expense.

Accantha regains control of herself long enough to say, “not all equipment is enchanted. I found this pack decades ago, and it has never failed me. Sometimes mundane items are the best tools for the job.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042512”

Apocalypse Rising 042412

 I feed my will and power onto the surface, slowly pushing toward the center, condensing the energy and matter within, until it shrinks to the size of my fist. Sweat breaks out on my forehead as I exert my will upon it, forcing it to become smaller still, until it forms a large, blood-colored, gem. Muted light swirls and pulses within, drawing my eyes into its depths. I sense the power within, but I am unsure what it will be capable of. It was reckless of me to create the gem, but my instincts took hold, and it felt right. I decide to give it to Gloriana. I owe her much, and trust her with the power of the gem.

I take the gem in my hand and turn back toward the village. The elves who had been working are all there, in the tunnel entrance, watching me. They are silent and staring at me. They move aside as Accantha and Gloriana make their way through the crowd.

“I see you did not heed my advice,” Gloriana says, “but I suppose that is to be expected. You have kept yourself in check for so long; it must be tempting to throw your power around for a change.” She smiles at me like a teacher confronting a disobedient student. It annoys me, but I know she means nothing by it.

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Apocalypse Rising 042312


Ruby ...
Ruby ... (Photo credit: mademoiselle lavender)

I am struck by her words, and I hope that I prove worthy of Julius’s faith. “Do you need to do anything before we leave?” I ask.

“I need a few things from my home, and I’ll dig up something for you to carry the armor in.” She smiles and says, “I don’t spend a lot of time amongst the humans, but even I know that a man running around in armor, carrying a sword, will gather the wrong kind of attention.” She turns and runs down the tunnel, leaving me with the other elves.

I turn look at the elves and the pile of dead goblins. I have little love for the goblins. I am supposed to be impartial in the performance of my duties, but creatures warped by the darkness rarely deserve my respect or sympathy. Already, I can smell the stink of their death and the stain it will leave. I will do one more favor for the elves before I leave. Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042312”

Apocalypse Rising 042112



I walk away from Gloriana’s home and return to the tunnel where the battle took place. The smell of death is overwhelming, but I find comfort in its familiarity. The elves are dragging the corpses of the fallen goblins into a pile as far from the still smoldering funeral pyre of their kin as they can. Only a couple of them stop their work when I enter the tunnel, the rest continue on, lost in their labor and thoughts.

“And I thought you stood out before,” Accantha says as she walks up to me.

“I am glad you survived,” I say. Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042112”