Whole Foods Countdown, 8 Days Remaining

This weekend was pretty good and I managed to avoid fast food altogether, though I did go out to eat on Friday and got something less than great for me. We had healthy meals over the weekend and even manage a vegan meal on Sunday night, so we’re definitely heading in the right direction, but I don’t know how prepared we will be on the first day of the challenge. One of the biggest challenges, not including the convenience factor, is the cost. While meat used to be the most expensive item we had to buy, we’ve found that cutting it out has not really saved us any money. In fact, our grocery bill has gone up some. One of these days I’m going to have to do a grocery bill analysis and see where the money is really going, but for now it looks like whole foods could bankrupt us.

So Saturday’s Karate session was awesome. I earned my first stripe on my white belt. Now I understand this is the first step in a VERY long process, but it felt good to get there. What made it truly awesome was when Connor said, “Good job, daddy. I’m proud of you.” Talk about a moonshot!


Just A Quick Update

Image by H.H... via Flickr

Well the day has come. Alone will start disappearing from my blog tonight.  I’ll be starting at the beginning and working my way forward.  I expect that by the end of the day tomorrow there will be no more posts online. It is a bittersweet thing I do really. That being said, I am sooooo looking forward to starting on the editing process. Not touching the story for the last week has been torturous.  I have spent the better part of a year working on this thing, usually every day, and to leave it alone fore a week…well you can imagine the sort of insanity it inspired.

Today I met with the writer’s group I belonged too and had a great time talking about using social media as a way to get your work out to the masses. I had to start with a BIG disclaimer since I do very little the right way when it comes to self promotion.  Of course as I get closer to getting the novel ready for publication I will have to do a better job at that. It really is a great group that I belong to and has an excellent mix of genres and experience. I’m really lucky to have found them.  If you live in the Mooresville area let me know and I’ll give you some information.

I have to admit here that I’m a little hung up on something that the editor said in my rejection letter that I received. He said, “there was much [he] liked about the story, but not quite enough to hold [him].” I was really okay with the rejection letter, but as I sat down to work on a new story for submission I kept getting hung up on that little statement.  What was my story missing that might have held him? Was it too long? Should I have kept it tighter? Was it too formulaic?  I don’t know what the answer is and that’s what’s driving me batty.  I have another piece I planned on submitting to the same publication.  It is only a tenth of the size of the previous submission. I look at it and wonder whether or not I should ad to it or should I just let it go as it is. I’m realy uncertain and it is crippling me.

Tomorrow will be a busy day filled with church, the gym, grocery shopping and editing.  Survival is totaly optional.