Book Review: Done With Death

While Chuck was pulling out of the driveway and driving away from Sarah and her list of his amazing characteristics or lack thereof, the neighbor’s brand new kitten ran away, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, straight into the path of Chuck’s oncoming car. Chuck’s last living words where “Are you fucking kidding me?” as he hit his brakes and in doing so, at 45 miles an hour, managed to kill yet another cat, while his front tires rolled off the car, plunging both vehicle and driver straight into a tree. Chuck was thrown through the windshield and instantly broke his neck on the oldest oak tree in the neighborhood, which Number Sixteen had conveniently saved from being cut down during last month’s neighborhood planning meeting.

 This was how Chuck met his demise.

Dead and not really knowing it, Chuck stood there, staring at his car and the body of a person he feared he may have hit and killed, lying at the base of the tree.

“Hey man, you okay?” Yelled a voice from across the street. Chuck looked up to see a kid with long red curly hair and glasses in a plaid shirt, standing there smiling at him.

And this was when Chuck met Number Sixteen, the kid who had been mocking him in Halo during the past week, and the person who had received Chuck’s file. “Looks pretty bad from over here man. Are you doing okay?”

“Call 911, I think I just killed someone.”

Number Sixteen began to laugh out loud, walking over to the scene of the accident.

“You did kill someone, Chuck…” He leaned down and looked at Chuck’s dead body. “Looks like you just killed yourself man.”

Chuck’s eyes widened as he looked down at the body in front of him. Realizing this kid was telling the truth, he began to panic.

“But, but…Oh my God, but am I? No I’m not. Wait! Are you telling me…I’m dead?”

“Dead as a doornail, man!” The kid shook his head and continued. “Not bad work if you ask me. It took a little bit of planning, but got to say, it all went pretty damn smooth. I should be getting a promotion for this one! I even took out two cats to make this all happen, you should be feeling so proud of this! A death as well-planned as yours is what my coworkers strive to achieve their whole careers…. oh wait, man I am so sorry. I forget myself. This is so new to you.”

Normally, Chuck’s mind could comprehend intense situations. But then again this was the first time his brain had ever seen itself sprawled on the ground.

David Babineau (0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00). Done With Death (Kindle Locations 91-110). Same Size Shoe. Kindle Edition.
Book Review Done With Death

To quote a favorite movie, “Death is just the beginning.” When death comes calling and you leave your body behind, what happens? Are there Angels of unsurpassed beauty waiting to greet you at Heaven’s pearly gates or is there a host of demons  preparing for your arrival with a bath of fire?  Up and down are the only two options most people consider, but what about that grey area in the middle? Continue reading “Book Review: Done With Death”


The Day has finally come! Today is the official launch of my debut novel, Apocalypse Rising. If you click any of the buttons below you will be able to buy my book in either paperback or e-book format.  I appreciate all comments and reviews left here and at the place you purchase the book. Continue reading “Now Announcing – APOCALYPSE RISING”

Apocalypse Rising Chapter 13 PREVIEW

Well the day is nearly upon us.  Apocalypse Rising’s official release is only a week away and I know I have been very quiet the last few weeks, so I thought I would share a finished chapter from the book and a video my friend Jan Marie made for me.





“What do you mean, he’s gone?” Neville asked. Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising Chapter 13 PREVIEW”

Apocalypse Rising 042712

{31} storm drain
{31} storm drain (Photo credit: KatLevPhoto)

“I hope to change that,” I say.

She turns, stares at me, and asks, “why would you do that?”

“Because your people were forgotten, and it isn’t right,” I say. “There was a time when I had forgotten you as well, but I mean to make amends. I don’t know that I’ll be able to return you to your former glory, but I will find you a place to live in peace.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042712”

Apocalypse Rising 041912

“So I am a distraction,” I say.

“You are much more than that, so stop being so sensitive,” Gloriana says. “Consider Accantha my liaison to you. She’ll be able to reach me wherever you are and I will offer what help I can.” She stops in front of her door and offers me here hand.

I bow down and kiss it. “You do me honor, Your Majesty.”

“I sense great things in you…” Her words trail off and she raises an eyebrow.

“Justin,” I say, “you may still call me Justin.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 041912”

Apocalypse Rising 041712

“Julia,” I whisper.

“You remember?” Gloriana asks.

“Yes,” I say. “Someone, tried to hide her from me.”

“The wizard?”

I think back to the battle before speaking. “I don’t believe so. He was a weapon that someone pointed at me. He is skilled, but he didn’t know who, or what, I am, so I doubt he had something prepared when he walked in. More importantly, the barrier was created with the Power, not human magic.”

“An agent of Heaven blocked your memories of this girl?” Gloriana asks.

“So it would seem,” I say. I try to find her, using the power to locate her soul, but there is nothing in the city.  I check further abroad, but come up empty. “I think someone is still shielding her.”

Gloriana asks, “so you cannot find her?” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 041712”

Apocalypse Rising 041412


Angel 013
Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

“Curious,” she says. “I don’t suppose there is any record of this sort of thing happening before.”

I focus my thoughts; I search back through time to find a memory, but there is none. I was a special case. The Father gave me the right to return, but he had refused it to all others, but his one and only son. “There are no examples. I am a singular event in celestial history, so all of this is very new.” I shake my head and frown. “I wish I could speak with the Father. His advice would do me well.”

Gloriana laughed. “I’m afraid that you will have to get used to not having his advice. It took me a while to do so, but it can be…liberating.”

“I know something about that sort of liberation. I have rarely sought his advice during my time on this world, and when I did I do not think he heard it.” I drink the last of my tea and set the cup back on the ground. “But I have come back, and I would like a word with him, so I think the next course of action will be to figure out where he is hiding.”

“Perhaps,” she says, “but I think you are missing something.”

“What?” I ask. “What could I possibly be missing?”

“When you passed out after being possessed, you spoke while you slept,” Gloriana says.

“What did I say?”

Gloriana finishes her tea and sets it aside. “You kept saying a name, over and over again: Justine.”

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100-Word Challenge, Day 362

I laugh and say, “I certainly don’t need to be brought back to reality today. I am about as real as I can get right now.”

“Yes, I would say you are,” she says. I feel her feeding the fire with her will, speeding up the steeping process. The fragrant smell of herbs wafts from the pot as the water nears boiling. “That should do it,” Gloriana says. She lifts the pot from the hook with her power and pours the tea into two, small, stone cups crafted with magic, given life by the craft and imagination of the earth’s oldest race.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 360


Survivor (Photo credit: mayakamina)

I follow her through the tunnels, into the village, and to her doorway. It feels like a lifetime ago that I stood before her door with Julius, but it was less than two days ago, and mere hours since Accantha led me to battle. “Accantha,” I say, “is she alright? Did she survive the battle?”

“She did,” Gloriana says as she opens the door. “She was injured, but few of the survivors were not.” She walks inside and I follow. I remember her home being more spacious, but my perspective has changed since I left. Her voice cuts through my distraction. “I can summon her here, if you wish.”

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100-WordChalenge, Day 357


Morning Star
Morning Star (Photo credit: MCS@flickr)

“Only the dead may access Heaven?” I ask as a plan starts to form in my mind.

Gloriana looks up at me, one of the few who will do so without flinching, and says, “only the dead. The earth bound Angels are stuck in their physical form, and those who were caught outside the gates, when He disappeared, have taken up residence in purgatory.”

“Interesting,” I say aloud. My mind races as I remember the last time the gates of heaven were locked. The Morning Star had rebelled and Heaven shook with the fury of battle until He cast the rebels out.

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