Beyond the Darkside 33-6 to 15


The silence left in Isaac’s wake filled the expansive office like water filling a reservoir, and like water, it threatened to drown Aldric where he sat. Thoughts rushed about like currents in a great sea, pulling him with them, spinning him about in little eddies that went nowhere, crushing him under their weight before threatening to pull him apart.

How was it possible? How had he survived? Were they talking to him too? Were they protecting him? Why had they not told Aldric? Was there more to this than his plan? Was Margaret behind this? Why couldn’t the stupid fucker die?

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Beyond the Darkside 33-1 to 5


Beyond Darkside

“What was taken?” Aldric asked as he glared at Isaac.

“Mostly food and medical supplies,” the security chief said as he stood before his boss. “There were some electronics and parts we are still checking, but we should have the results in an hour.” Isaac noted the strain on Aldric’s face and chose not to mention the secure vault being opened or the weapons that were stolen. Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 33-1 to 5”

100 Word Challenge, Day 293-294

100 Word Challenge“Yes, sir,” Isaac said before putting his hand over the mic and breathing out loudly. “She is at the visitor’s entrance under surveillance and concealed guard.” Isaac took another deep breath and said, “She asked to see you and wouldn’t tell anyone else what is was in regards to.”

“Interesting,” Aldric said. He wanted to scratch his chin, but the protective suit prevented that. “Did she come alone?” Continue reading “100 Word Challenge, Day 293-294”

100 Word Challenge, Day 292

100 Word Challenge “Sir,” said Isaac over the intercom, “there is someone here to see you.”

Aldric had to stop himself from throwing the tongs down on the floor. “Why is it so damn hard to find someone who can follow orders?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I couldn’t make that out. Please, say again.”

“I’m fucking busy!” Aldric screamed. “What part of that can’t you understand?”

“I know, sir, but—“

“You know nothing! My work is very important and if I have to deal with constant interruptions then I won’t have it finished in time!”

Aldric stopped to take a deep breath so that he could continue berating his head of security, but Isaac quickly interrupted him. “It’s Doctor Vo.”

“I don’t care…” Aldric trailed off. “Margaret?”


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100 Word Challenge, Day 288-289

The latest installment in my 100 Word Challenge.

A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li...
A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-like units (nucleotides) in the center carries information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aldric punched his security code into the control room door, looked into the retinal scanner, and place his finger into the socket for DNA collection. The computer checked through the information and spit back a failure result. “Computer, what is the problem?”

There was a slight pause before the computer responded in its usual, breathy voice. “The DNA match was unsuccessful. Please try again.”

“Stupid machine,” Aldric grumbled under his breath before sticking a different finger into the machine.

“The DNA match was unsuccessful. Security has been informed.” The light above the door turned red and an alarm started wailing inside the control room. Continue reading “100 Word Challenge, Day 288-289”

100 Word Challenge, Day 285-287

This is the latest installment in my 100 Word Challenge.


100 Word Challenge Tentacles

The high pitch whine of the lab’s internal defenses was deafening. Cylinders of solidified light slammed into the tentacles that had broken through the shielding, and something from the other side of the portal screamed in agony. Aldric was unsure which was louder, but he did not care as long as the guns did their job and beat the creature back.

One of the tentacles managed to dodge past the numerous bolts and smashed into the three-inch thick shield of void glass that protected Aldric from the chaos of his lab. The near indestructible material cracked under the assault and web like fissure spread out from the center as the tentacle stuck again and again. Aldric sighed and pushed the one red button on his control console. Continue reading “100 Word Challenge, Day 285-287”

100-Word Challenge, Day 209-211

“Probably a good call,” Aldric said. “Tell me, Isaac, have the repairs been completed in the lab?”

“All of the structural work is done, but none of the major equipment has been replaced as yet.”

“Good. I should be out of this place tomorrow evening and I have a few security changes I want made before then.” Aldric tapped away at his data slate, then set it back on the night stand beside his bed. “The specifications are on your slate. See to it that everything is in place by midnight tomorrow night. I am going to be very busy with this new project and I don’t want any delays.” Continue reading “100-Word Challenge, Day 209-211”