Kickstarter Launched!

I started my kickstarter campaign for my next book. What’s the name of this book you say? Well watch the video and follow the K link in the corner to find out.

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Apocalypse Undone Sneak Peak

After feeling a little inspired today, I decided it was time to share a little snippet from Apocalypse Undone, the upcoming sequel to my first book, Apocalypse Rising. Hopefully it wets your appetites a little, because the end is coming soon.

Apocalypse Undone

The city stretched out below Kohaku and he watched the cars wind their way through the brightly lit streets. When he focused his attention he could even make out the people on the sidewalks as they went to the restaurants and bars that occupied the bottom floors of so many of the buildings. “It really is beautiful from up here,” he said. He looked up at Hitaratsu Tower, and the window on the corner where his office had been. “I never really paid much attention when I had spent every day above it all. This whole city was my playground, or so I thought.”

“A fall from grace can change your perspective,” Justin said. “My time away from the Throne has made me see things in a way that I never could have imagined.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Undone Sneak Peak”

Apocalypse Rising 041912

“So I am a distraction,” I say.

“You are much more than that, so stop being so sensitive,” Gloriana says. “Consider Accantha my liaison to you. She’ll be able to reach me wherever you are and I will offer what help I can.” She stops in front of her door and offers me here hand.

I bow down and kiss it. “You do me honor, Your Majesty.”

“I sense great things in you…” Her words trail off and she raises an eyebrow.

“Justin,” I say, “you may still call me Justin.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 041912”

100-Word Challenge, Chapter Six



I reach for Julia’s hand but she pulls it back as if my touch will burn her, and perhaps she is right after a fashion. I have been without my powers for too long and I had lost control while I was trying to ease her discomfort. I could see it in her eyes hidden behind the fear and shock: clarity. For the first time since I had known her Julia was not seeing the world through a chemical haze. I had put her through the world’s fastest withdrawal without trying. I shortened the physical process from a week to five minutes.

The problem with addiction is that there is usually more than just a physical component. There is a reason why someone wants to hide behind the fog of drugs and alcohol. I don’t know if Julia is ready to deal with her inner demons and I’m not sure if I’m ready to help her. If this had been a couple of days ago I would have gladly sat her down and talked through everything, but it wasn’t a couple of days ago and today there are some seriously scary people looking for us and I just can’t take the time to help her the right way.

“I just gave you a little help is all, Jules.” The words taste bland in my mouth, a lie of omission that feels unnatural to me.

One of the downsides of using my powers is the nagging guilt it creates over little things like lying. The more power I have and used the more I feel the pull of my conscience. The Light Touched are capable of lying or doing horrible things, but they suffer internally for it.

“A little help?” Her voice is edged with panic as it gets louder. “I feel sick, Justin. What did you do?”

I think about how best to answer. The truth might upset her more than a lie right now, but I will eventually have to tell her the truth. “I…I helped you detox is all.”

“Detox? How? I am a junkie, Justin, and I have been for years. I know it takes more than a morning without a fix to detox. I should be crawling up the walls right now for just a little hit, but I’m not! Now tell me what you did!” The fear in her eyes is rapidly being replaced by anger. It is an improvement of sorts.

“Look Jules, I used an old fashioned remedy, something I picked up years ago from an old friend. He always swore it worked but I have never seen it done before. I gave you some while you were sleeping. You were tossing and moaning and I knew you’d wake up jonesing so I gave it a try.” The lie comes easy, a skill that life with the dregs cultivated, but the lies make my head throb with guilt. “I should have asked first. I’m sorry.” I look at her, watching the lie filter through her mind as the human tendency to fear the unnatural convinces her that my story is plausible. Continue reading “100-Word Challenge, Chapter Six”