Beyond the Darkside 33-6 to 15


The silence left in Isaac’s wake filled the expansive office like water filling a reservoir, and like water, it threatened to drown Aldric where he sat. Thoughts rushed about like currents in a great sea, pulling him with them, spinning him about in little eddies that went nowhere, crushing him under their weight before threatening to pull him apart.

How was it possible? How had he survived? Were they talking to him too? Were they protecting him? Why had they not told Aldric? Was there more to this than his plan? Was Margaret behind this? Why couldn’t the stupid fucker die?

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Beyond the Darkside 33-1 to 5


Beyond Darkside

“What was taken?” Aldric asked as he glared at Isaac.

“Mostly food and medical supplies,” the security chief said as he stood before his boss. “There were some electronics and parts we are still checking, but we should have the results in an hour.” Isaac noted the strain on Aldric’s face and chose not to mention the secure vault being opened or the weapons that were stolen. Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 33-1 to 5”

100-Word Challenge, Day 245


“When we leave the tunnel, be silent. Say nothing and let me speak, lest you offend the wrong person and I am forced to take you back or kill you.” There is no emotion in his words. He is speaking fact and nothing more. “I don’t wish to kill you, but I will not hesitate to do so if I am ordered.”

“I understand,” I say.

“Good. We will get you out of here and I will help you how I can, but it will not be an easy thing.” My rescuer stops and I almost run into him. “And for Heaven’s sake, don’t try to use your power. Play human or all of the talk in the world will not save either of us.”