100-Word Challenge, Day 216

“I’m sure they’re around somewhere,” said the man as he wrote more notes in his pad.

“I don’t know, it’s not like he’s paying them so much they can retire or something.” I lean back in the chair and say, “personally I think he’s killing them.”

I definitely have my interrogator’s attention now. “What makes you think that?”

“Well they go up, but no one ever sees them come down. They’re not flying out, they’re just gone,” I sit back down and lean forward to whisper, “I hear he kills them himself and drains their blood for some sort of sacrifice.”

100-Word Challenge, Day 088

“I want the Light Touched caught and brought here.  The other one can be simply killed and disposed of.”  Albert walked to the window and looked out over the city, “are we sure it was just the two of them?”

“There was the third one, David was his name, but he has been taken care of.”  There was no need for Hagen to tell Albert that the boy was not dead, as long as he would stay quiet was all that mattered.

“Good.  I want to keep this in house Hagen.  This little event won’t be easy to smooth over in the media no matter how much control I exert.”

100-Word Challenge, Day 087

“Well I am certainly glad you haven’t lost all sense of perspective,” Hagen said with a laugh.  He did not question Albert’s abilities or his ruthlessness.  The man was utterly devoid of true humanity.  Everyone, including Hagen, were just tools for Albert to use and throw away as he saw fit.  He was not wasteful or overly cruel for that matter, he was simply practical to the point of malevolence, which was a trait Hagen’s masters could truly appreciate:  Evil through apathy. “So how do you want to proceed from here?”  Hagen favored simple assassination over more complex schemes, but it was Albert’s call.

100-Word Challenge, Day 086

            “I guess that does help take care of the issue.  In the old days it was a lot easier.  You killed one or two people and the problem was solved, but now the information spreads so fast a few simple murders just won’t do.”  Hagen was a little uncomfortable with any technology that was less than two-hundred years old.

            “Oh I’m not above killing a few people to keep a secret, and if you do it early enough you can avoid all of the rest, it’s just that the window is so much smaller than it was even fifty years ago.”

Alone, Part 36

Aaron looked down at his hands, “I couldn’t sleep that night so I got up and went to the kitchen to get some water.  When I looked out the window I saw Philip and Hiram talking to Mother Cable on the patio.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but when they were done the two men put their axes up on their shoulders and walked straight out of town, in the same direction as Caleb.  I was just a little kid, but even I knew that you didn’t go chopping wood at night.” Continue reading “Alone, Part 36”

God’s Wrath

Here is my entry into the My Writer’s Cramp March Writers  Challenge.  While I’m not elligble to win I still wanted to participate, so here you go.

“You should just kill every last one of them Bernard. You know this would all be a lot easier if you did.” The dark cloud of pain and hatred hung around Felix, anyone looking closely could see it there, but most chose not to pay attention lest they become involved in something that might disrupt their peaceful little lives.

“Easier for who? You? I want no more blood on my hands Felix.” Bernard looked in the mirror, trying to see past the dark black bags beneath his eyes to the soul hidden within them. Every once in a while he thought he saw it there, a faint glimmer of who he used to be, long before the darkness consumed his life. Continue reading “God’s Wrath”

Book Review: My Frankenstein

  Then Pain shot through her and she fell out of the blackness towards the speck of light.

She heard Viktor shouting. He was no longer speaking to her but to Igor.

“There was a reaction!” said Viktor

Another jolt of pain coursed through Eva. It pulled her closer. The shouts between the two men became clear and loud, as if they stood on the other side of a door.

“Give her more!” Igor shouted.

Viktor retorted, “Give her too much at one time and we will kill her! I know what I am doing!”

 My Frankenstein by Michael J Lee


It is a courageous thing to take one of the best known pieces of fiction, an absolute classic know by many, a book turned into numerous movies and inspiring in its own right, and to re-write it. You run the risk of falling short of the original or even worse make it too much like the original so that very little of your own writing shines through. Michael J. Lee takes Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus, the novel written by Mary Shelley nearly two-hundred years ago, and makes it his own in My Frankenstein.

The story of Frankenstein is well known, but Lee takes the story and tells it from a slightly different angle, gives it a little industrial age twist and turns the story into something fresh and new. I’ll admit that when I started reading it I approached it with a little dread and trepidation, but it did not take long for the writing and the story to take control and I was hooked. The basic premise works out much the same, there is a Viktor Frankenstein and a monster, but from there the similarities end.

My Frankenstein centers around Eva, an uncommonly intelligent girl living in a small farming village whose life is irrevocably turned upside down by the coming of the new Baron Frankenstein and his plans to modernize the little village by dragging it into the industrial era. Viktor see the potential in Eva and nurtures that potential and Eva sees in him the embodiment of progress. Before long their teacher student relationship becomes oh so much more, and when Viktor’s secret project is revealed to her the tensions begin to run high as humanity and ambition clash.

There are numerous layers within this book that could spark any number of philosophical discussions and every one of them as relevant to today’s world as they would have been to the time when the original story was written, but all of it is woven into a well told story that will make you involved, rooting for the heroes and despising the villains.  Ultimately you will have to ask yourself what it is that truly makes a monster.

If you love a good story about romance, intrigue and conflict this is a book for you. I would highly recommend giving this a read, probably more than once, and if you love Frankenstein then this is an absolute must for your reading collection.



There are some people who say that the way I feel is an illness. I’m not one of them. What drives me is really the purest form of love. It is a love so powerful that it consumes my every moment. If everyone wants to be loved, why wouldn’t someone want to be loved so completely?

My therapist is one of the people who think what I have is an illness. I know she does. I peeked at her notes once when she left the room, and her thoughts about me could not have been further from the truth. But, she’s a professional, so I guess she would know better than I, even if I think she’s wrong. Some day she’ll understand my point of view and change her notes to say “genius” or “enlightened”, but I’m sure that’s a ways off. She can be very stubborn.

My latest love has been a woman at work. Her name was Jill Sanders. Most people would say Jill is pretty. Not in an obnoxious, supermodel sort of way, but more like a statue that was made with purposeful flaws to make her more human and accessible. I guess I thought of her in the same way, but I could tell there was something even more special about her. Continue reading “Obsession”