Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12

Bernard slipped into the darkness outside of his room, and ran past the buildings of the old high school. He dodged through the open spaces, turning down the alleys that a generation earlier would have been filled with students, if it weren’t in the middle of the night. He thanked the heavens for the thick layer of clouds overhead. He was unsure whether he hoped for rain or not. A dry night would make it easier to run away, and the rain would make it easier to move in for the kill. Continue reading “Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12”

Apocalypse Runner 03-12-12

This is my entry for BeKindRewrite’s InMon Challenge.


 The cheers of the assembled thugs did nothing for Bernard. He did his job because it was what he was paid to do. His contempt for the other member of the syndicate was well known by the very men who applauded him. He supposed it was some attempt to get in good with him, but he knew the truth. They feared him.

“Congratulations, Bernard,” said Evan Jones, the leader of the syndicate’s southern operations. “Another enemy of the syndicate brought low by your hand, and before the deadline at that.” A round of cheers erupted as a pair of midgets dressed as clowns leapt into the light of the hall. They kicked the head of Caesar Jimenez back and forth between them.

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