Bella At The Bar: Book One

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Bella Cover

Writer:          Jenny McDade

Artist:            John Armstrong

Publisher:     Rebellion


Bella Barlow is an orphan with a dream. She wants to escape her life as a window washer working for her cruel aunt and uncle so that she can learn to be a gymnast and compete on the national team. The road is long, hard, and filled with challenges she could not imagine while balancing on her uncle’s ladder with a rag and a bucket. Continue reading “Bella At The Bar: Book One”

Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17

Evan looked around the garage. “Is there a bathroom or something?”

“In the house, but you’ll have to strip out here,” Hanse said. “The little woman wouldn’t like it if we brought them inside.”

“But…I…” Evan climbed out of the shuttle and looked about. “What about privacy?”

“Stuff your privacy little man. I’ve been watching you in your little room since you arrived,” Hanse said as he exited the shuttle. He poked Evan in the chest with a finger and said, “Everything.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17”

100-Word Challenge, Day 273

Edzell Castle, Angus, Scotland. One of the sev...
Edzell Castle, Angus, Scotland. One of the seven liberal arts carvings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Sounds like him,” Evan said. “So what exactly are you rebelling against?”

Isis leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table, and stared straight at Evan. “We are not rebelling against anything,” she said. “We are fighting for our right, and yours, and everyone else’s on this lifeless rock. Every day we lose more of our freedom up here and no one on Terra cares and the people here are too desperate to do anything about it.”

Evan stared right back at her. “That sounds nice, but it’s a little too long to put on a tee-shirt.” He held up his hand to ward off the heated retort on Isis’s lips. “I’m not saying I disagree, but you’re giving me the rhetoric. I want the reality.”


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Apocalypse Rising 042012

 I laugh and nod to her. “From your lips to His ears,” I say. I open the door, step into the light of the elf village, and rise to my full height of seven feet. “I will not forget that you helped me in my time of need. I will do what I can to return you, and your people, to glory.”

“That would be a magnificent thing,” she says, “but you will forgive me if I am a little skeptical. We are the antithesis of your mission, handed down by the Father, Himself.” Continue reading “Apocalypse Rising 042012”