Happy Birthday, Tracy


Happy Birthday
Erika, Tracy and Amber


Today is my wife’s birthday. I would tell you how old [wb_fb_f name=”Tracy Swett” id=””] is, but I like getting to spend the night in the same bed as her.

She is amazing and I cannot imagine my life without her.  Here, on my blog, you get to read my writing and occasionally I share a little bit about my life, but I don’t often speak about how central to my life she is.
She is there for me every day, no matter how badly I screw up or how much I lose sight of things because I get wrapped up in myself.

It would be easy to say that she stays with me because it is easy, or because we have kids together, but the truth is that I am anything but easy to live with and neither one of us are big believers in staying together for the kids. No, living with me and putting up with my crap is no easy thing, so I can only conclude that she must love me far more than I deserve.

Tracy, I love you so very much and I am so glad that you are my wife and my best friend. I would not be half the man I am today if it were not for you, so happy birthday.

Love, Eric



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100-Word Challenge, Day 083-084

“Yes, well get a list of refinements together, and an anticipated timeline, by tomorrow morning,” Aldric said. “We have lost a lot of time getting to this point. I would like to proceed with the roll out as soon as possible.” He turned and walked toward the door. “All of this equipment does not pay for itself you know.” He walked out of the lab and the door hissed shut behind him, leaving Evan and Margaret alone together for the first time in days. Continue reading “100-Word Challenge, Day 083-084”

And The Baby Elephant Walk Played On…

Eleven years ago today I became the luckiest man in the world.  The love of my life said, “I do,” before all of our friends and family and she has stuck with me for eleven years.

We Say I Do!

We are not that mythical perfect couple, nor do we have a perfect marriage.  We fight, we yell, we cry.  Most of all though we love.  There is no question that we love each other and would give anything for each other.   We have hit the lowest of lows and the highest of highs together.  We have survived times that may have shattered other marriages and we are still faced with challenges, but we manage to work our way through them just the same.

I look at her and smile and she wonders why, but all I can tell her is that I love her and it is the truth.  She is the sunlight that illuminates my dreary night and I can’t help but grin in the quiet moments of our life together.

Tracy has given me three beautiful children and she is a spectacular mother, caring for her boys in ways that I would never think about.

She is my partner and my future and I love her more than words can say.  As a writer I find this a little embarassing.  I should be able to extole her virtues in prose, but every attempt has left me feeling like I can do better.  She is beautiful and smart to the point where I wonder how I got so lucky and when will she wise up. She is funny and puts up with my bad jokes too. She is my everything and I would be so much less without her.

I love you Tracy.  Happy Anniversary.



There are some people who say that the way I feel is an illness. I’m not one of them. What drives me is really the purest form of love. It is a love so powerful that it consumes my every moment. If everyone wants to be loved, why wouldn’t someone want to be loved so completely?

My therapist is one of the people who think what I have is an illness. I know she does. I peeked at her notes once when she left the room, and her thoughts about me could not have been further from the truth. But, she’s a professional, so I guess she would know better than I, even if I think she’s wrong. Some day she’ll understand my point of view and change her notes to say “genius” or “enlightened”, but I’m sure that’s a ways off. She can be very stubborn.

My latest love has been a woman at work. Her name was Jill Sanders. Most people would say Jill is pretty. Not in an obnoxious, supermodel sort of way, but more like a statue that was made with purposeful flaws to make her more human and accessible. I guess I thought of her in the same way, but I could tell there was something even more special about her. Continue reading “Obsession”